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    Azusagawa Sakuta is a high school sophomore who, due to certain reasons, lives alone with his younger sister. Unlike most people his age, he doesn't have a cellphone. One day, while visiting a nearby library, he encounters someone who shouldn't have been there: a bunny girl.

    Adapted from the Light Novel written by Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo combo.
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    The future where the Virus of Death shall destroy humanity awaits. In order for humans to avert that destiny, Raito is asked to travel back to the past. His mission: to make sure a normal high school freshman Tanaka Yuu makes children with his childhood friend Takane Kyouko!
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    Everyone on the Clockwork Planet considers Naoto Miura a machinery nut. Every moment of every day, he has his mind on gears and his hands tinkering with delicate mechanical motors. But nobody understand how he can hear and feel gears in operation, even from a long distance away. Then one day, a clockwork maiden falls from the sky, presaging events that would shake the whole world...
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    In a hidden school surrounded by mountains, young ladies of good families are taught everything a high class lady needs to know. They are also completely cut off from the outside world, keeping them sheltered and innocent. However, a problem has come up recently-- more and more graduates are failing to cope with the modern world after graduation. To deal with this problem, they've decided to kidnap a male commoner student, and enroll him as a student. They hope that this will be a gentle way to introduce the girls to the outside world. Kagurazaka Kimito is chosen for this dubious honor, mostly because he seems utterly average. However, the school leaders also seem to have concluded he's a homosexual with a muscle fetish. When Kimito hears that the alternative may be castration (to protect the girls' purity), he eagerly plays along with this misconception. Now he'll just have to survive the attention of many high class young ladies that are completely out of touch with the world.
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    One day, a mysterious virus appeared on Earth which killed every infected human over the age of 13. At the same time, vampires emerged from the world's dark recesses and enslaved mankind. Enter Hyakuya Yuuichirou, a young boy, who along with the rest of the children from his orphanage, are treated as livestock by the vampires. Even in captivity, Yuuichirou dreams big. He dreams of killing vampires. He dreams of killing them all.
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    Kodo Ikusei Senior High School, a leading prestigious school with state-of-the-art facilities where nearly 100% of students go on to university or find employment. The students there have the freedom to wear any hairstyle and bring any personal effects they desire. Kodo Ikusei is a paradise-like school, but the truth is that only the most superior of students receive favorable treatment.
    The protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokoji is a student of D-class, which is where the school dumps its "inferior" students in order to ridicule them. For a certain reason, Kiyotaka was careless on his entrance examination, and was put in D-class. After meeting Suzune Horikita and Kiky? Kushida, two other students in his class, Kiyotaka's situation begins to change.
    Based on the popular light novel series of the same name.

    O colégio Kōdo Ikusei, é uma colégio com instalações de última geração, onde quase 100% dos seus alunos conseguem entrar na universidade ou arrumar um emprego. Os alunos tem a liberdade de usar o penteado que desejar e trazer qualquer objeto de uso pessoal que quiserem. Kōdo Ikusei é como uma escola dos sonhos, mas a verdade é que apenas os alunos superiores recebem tratamento favorável. O protagonista Kyotaka Ayanokouji é um estudade da sala D, que é onde os "inferiores" são colocados com fim de ridicuralizá-los. Por um certo motivo, Kyotaka foi descuidado no exame de entrada, assim indo parar na sala D, depois de conhecer Suzune Horikita e Kikyō Kushida, a situação de Kyotaka começa a mudar.
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    The spinoff manga centers on the character Kotori Otonashi, an office clerk at 765 Production, during her high school days.
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    Tachibana Otome, a 16-year-old otaku girl whose dream guy has "Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes," suddenly meets just that type of person in real life when Towada Oji transfers into her class... How will it go for her?
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    Shinonome Nozomi, a first year, joins her school's Astronomy Club in order to look out for shooting stars and have her wish granted. Her fellow member, Musashi Shouta, however does not want her around because she has disturbed his plans to live out a peaceful and private life in the Astronomy Club. Nozomi, however, insists on staying. Soon after, Shouta discovers that he has the ability to summon shooting stars at will by snapping his fingers. What will the two Astronomy Club members do upon making this discovery? And what exactly is Nozomi's wish...?
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    An unexpected marriage proposal from a manager that has been only "watching" from afar.

    Webtoon Translation:
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    An exciting battle starts in the archipelago. Enter the arena to feel the excitement!
    A game with summons called 'droid' based on tales have started, who will be the best in the game?
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    To help with his family finances, Higashida Daisuke decided to work part-time at a family restaurant. Working there however is a (floor) chief with no sense of cooking, a co-worker who solves their problems with money, etc. There is absolutely not one normal person working at the restaurant!
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    "Because I want to see that smile of yours again."
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    Have you ever wondered why Koreans ask you about your blood type? It’s not because they want to know what to do in case you happen to be in an accident (although it really is vital information), but it’s because there is a underlying belief that blood types affect personalities and character in the way an astrological sign may.

    Another hugely successful webtoon, it has packed all the existing stereotypes of each blood type and more into a hilarious series. Strangely enough, there are many which are so darn true it’s kind of uncanny. Much funnier when you know your own blood type.
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    Continuation of the Working!! series.
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    Sensei! This is different from the school life I expected!
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