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    Amateur, one-man-band.

    Website coming soon. If Wordpress isn’t that annoying to set up.

    My projects and schedules (priorities in order):
    Angel Beats! - Heaven's Door (Lack of translations): hopefully finish everything before Christmas.
    Netgame no Yome wa Onna no Ko ja nai to Omotta?: Weekly release
    Last Operation (Lack of raws): dunno.
    Charlotte (Lack of raws): dunno, seems like no one cares about the manga anymore.
    Oregairu monolouge (chapters 30-60): Scheduled mid December

    Need raws:
    Raws for Angel Beats, Last Operation
    Raws for Charlotte

    Need translators:
    So, if you can translate Japanese -> English, please contact me. I need that last 3 chapter of Angel Beats translated. Still, if you know Japanese, why the heck are you on mangadex lol.

    Contact me via pm/discord/reddit: @FrostBird#4135 or /u/SoaringPegasus