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    Following a request from this group, all their non-joint chapters have been removed for now.

    For more information, please contact the group directly.
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    salute to this group! you will always be missed... RIP
    That was fun Ride, Not many Scanslation Group Provide with Daily fast release with High Quality
    We Miss You ....
    Sorry to see you go Wowe! What an impact in a short few months; May to Dec.

    I hope you come back every summer and found a scanlation group with your obvious management skills! Thanks for all the hard work!
    that sucks. at least there'll be improvements. thanks for all the work you guys do.

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    @QuestForComfort DDOS'ed, forgot to put up cloudflare and shit, when this DDOS ends, the website will be faster than before and more secure because of it xD
    Shit happens sometimes, gotta deal with it.
    Are there issues with your site again?
    @magic98514 ^^ Thanks for the nice message. It means a lot!
    Thanks for the quality scans :)
    @Miyuki Some stuff happened and we're taking hosting down, and changing hosts. Will be up in the near future.
    Well i hope it works out. Seems to still be doing it to me lol
    Our userbase grew to big for the hosting plan we were using... and caused some issues. We're working on them.

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    I seem to be having trouble accessing your site. You guys doing ok?
    ok good luck.
    @dfgh Not currently, maybe in the future. We're currently fully capped on series we can scanlate without slowing other series down. Thanks for the recomendation though, we'll try to take it into account if we're looking for another series to do eventually.
    Hi is there any chance of scanlating double casting?
    @RedTiger Hi Dru!
    @coolotamegane thanks for worrying then, it's all good ^^
    Its not I concerned tho, I though is a bug. Because the label delay is different with release.
    if is a bug I wanna report this problem to holo, apparently this isn't ?
    I forgot this is not batoto anymore ?
    @coolotamegane it's so I don't forget to upload on those days. The chapters come out 1-2 hours earlier on our website anyways. Those chapters just aren't out yet anywhere xD we finish the chapters of those series on the weekend cuz I don't work on those days and can finish them at that time. Then we release consistently not all at once so that if a mistake pops up I can fix it without having any more issues after or before. And if you're concerned, they aren't out earlier on patreon or anything like that (some groups do that)
    It said group delays 2 hours, But some series 1 day, or even 3 days
    is it a bug from mangadex?
    edit : I'm sorry, someone explained that to me, only Group leader has privilege to input group delay as they wish ?

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    I can confirm what RedTiger said was bullshit, Filipe is a very nice and talkative guy, I've never seen him ignore anyone and he behaved politely even to rude people, I really love wowe scans and I hope they have a lot of success! I made this account just to say this.

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    @RedTiger Eleven things:
    1. How am I a creep? xD
    2. I know you're from trash scans, relax.
    3. Our website is doing just fine stat-wise.
    4. What do you mean a "jerk".
    5. Of course I can be a jerk if I want, that has nothing to do with the releases. lmao
    6. He lied and threatened to remove all the content we translated after I asked for the percentage he promised to raise in case the series were popular.
    7. He lied claiming he paid for the series. (He gave us a % of the ad revenue our own translations got =/= paying for them)
    8. How did we mooch off them when they got 60% of the ad revenue while doing none of the work. xD
    9. When did you ever DM me? I usually ignore people when they have nothing important or relevant to say.
    10. Comment with actual information, not claiming "He's a jerk" what are you? Twelve? Chill.
    11. "I can't support wowe anymore." How did you ever support us in the first place? ahah

    P.S.: Also your account was literaly made today and you've only ever looked at one chapter at the time i'm writing this. So that kinda shows you're either an admin or atleast staff at trash scans just triggered at me... just give up...

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    @Filipe Even your profile makes me think you're a creep. You mooched off them like dogs. Don't listen to him @reh. While Dru is not perfect and has his moments. Dru has never ignored a single one of messages on discord over my questions or concerns. I tried to talk to Filipe before and he just ignores people. Even if we go past that every discord channel I'm in people from hati, zero and trash I asked about this confirmed how much of a jerk Filipe is.

    At this point, I can't support wowe anymore. Just because you post good content doesn't mean you can be a jerk @Filipe. Your website seems like a fail anyway so its karma.
    An internal disagreement about the low percentage they wanted to give us from ad revenue while saying they'd raise it "eventually" on our translations while claiming to pay for the chapters.

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    thanks for the updates my dudes, but why you guys not in trash's site anymore? it had faster and more dynamic viewer
    Thanks for picking up Dusk Howler! There are only 11 more chapters to go, right? I look forward to reading the complete story!
    Thanks for picking up Law of the Devil.
    Wizardly tower if that's what you mean is just really weird since it was rushed for a season ending and it's probably not going to be continued. That's why it seems off.
    These are just crummy google translates right?