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We're currently looking for people to work with us~
(Raw Providers, Japanese/Chinese/Korean Translators, Proofreaders, Re-drawers, Typesetters- All posts are open...)
Please send us a message on our Discord Server (or directly to Itida_Ariel_2568#6418 or Hacrodes#9980) with your work samples if you're experienced : )
P.S. We also have tests for those who don't have any experience yet. Don't worry, you have picked the right place to begin~ ; )
Looking forward to work with you... And keep supporting us by reading our works...
P.P.S Now that you're on our page, like it as well while you're at it...

Nov. 12, 2020 - indefinitely hiatus (meh/Vidar)
10 mo ago
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