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April 18, 2013 was the day BAP Scans was founded by Lily. It was shut down due to a drama fight with MangaCow current owner and it ended till the end of 2014. The Previous owner of MangaCow was a very dear friend of Lily, but after the ownership was changed to the (current) owner; things went south. It was brought back alive with a whole new team on April 2016. The ownership was passed down to NibbPower (Me) on August 2017 when Lily quit the group completely and moved on with her life.

Please donate to support our group. Paypal Please inform me in a note what you're donating for, so I know where this donation came from!!! However, you must buy the official book if it does come out in your country to show your support for the author!

After Demon - (Unknown)
Chairman said I'm a bad Teammate
Darkroom - Weekly
Demi Life - Unknown - Typesetter is slow
Get Off Of Me - Unknown {need colored redrawers}
Golden Waltz
Kitsune to Pancake - Weekly
Kuroko no Basket: Replace Plus - Monthly
Little Chaos - (Unknown) {need redrawers}
Let's Fight Ghost - (Unknown)
Like a Butterfly
Life of a Lily - Hiatus per Author
Magical Boys - Monthly
Mina-Sama no Omocha Desu - Dropped, despite I bought the raws, thanks snipers
Sensei wa ore no Mono - HIATUS
The Cat Queen - HIATUS
Tona-Gura! - Monthly
Uga Uga - (Unknown)

♥Join us to make faster releases♥

Always Looking for Chinese, & Japanese Translators.
Forever looking for Redrawers.
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