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Sol Café Scans — The café for your comfy and wholesome Slice of Life needs.
A small scanlation group managed by Snowical that aims to scanlate slice of life (Sol) series. You can find our menu (projects) as well as our staff list down below.
This group should not to be confused with Café Scans.

Please visit our Discord server if you have any questions or just want to keep yourself up-to-date with our releases, since we do not have a homepage of any sort.
The Discord server also includes extended information about our releases, among other things, that might be worth checking out.

Our releases may be slow at times, but we try to release as frequently as we can.
Thank you for your patience and for following our releases!
Notice Board
Nothing here, but keep a lookout for future recruitment posts!
Our Menu
Main courses are scheduled to follow the series' serializations (weekly/monthly).
Side dishes will be posted a bit here and there.

Main Course
Nothing here.

Side Dishes
Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san (Chapter 98)
Misoshiru de Kanpai! (Chapter 38)
Fuku wo Kiru nara Konna Fuu ni (Chapter 39)
Tori Kissa! (Chapter 19)

Secret Menu
Nothing here.

Out of Stock (Dropped)
Renai Shitakunai Wake ja Nai Kedo (Chapter 5.1) - Dropped on June 1, 2019.
Active Staff
All active staff members are assigned to at least one series but can carry multiple role.

Maiko-san Chi no Makanai-san
Shrimp (Translator, Quality Checker)
Snowical (Editor)

Misoshiru de Kanpai!
ruggia (Translator, Quality Checker)
Snowical (Editor)

Fuku wo Kiru nara Konna Fuu ni
L3P (Translator)
Waka (Cleaner, Redrawer)
Snowical (Typsetter)

Tori Kissa!
Zess (Translator, Quality Checker)
Snowical (Editor)

Former Staff
Staff members that no longer work with this group, but have helped out with one or multiple releases. Please give them a pat on their backs!

nekoallergy - Asst. Translator and Proofreader Fuku. (Oct 2018 - Feb 2020)
Yukihiro - Translator for Fuku. (Oct 2018 - May 2019)
Judy - Translator and Quality Checker for Maiko-san. (23/8-2018 - 19/1-2019)
Winstonite - Translator and Quality Checker for Maiko-san, Fuku, and Renai. (1/5-2018 - 26/7-2018)