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Where are you guys?? The beastars community needs you!
First of all !!!!!
Thank You so much for translating Beastars and Oregairu !!!!

Also I have a request to You.

Can you please translate the previous remaining chapters of Oregairu ???
Because I love that series so much !!!!

So please translate the remaining chapters.

Once again Thank You for your hard work !!!!
Thank you so much for continuing to translate Beastars, your work is truly the exceptional.
Is there a place where I can download all the chapters? Preferably in a large batch.
Have you dropped Beastars? Or simply not uploading it here anymore? Thanks for your work.
I already asked this on but it went down a while ago so I will ask here since I don’t know where else to do it, maybe I will have an answer/reply:
Why did you drop Yuzuko Peppermint? Is it because there is no RAW available of it? (sorry I know it’s been some time now since you dropped it)

You see, this manga was serialized in my country for a while and I really liked the humor (even if the quality of the product itself was pretty bad) … but they suddenly stopped serialization and the last tomes never came out. The thing is I really want to know the rest of the story/adventure (mostly for the humor) and that’s why I was really happy to see an English translation online (on Batoto at the time).
This is why I'm asking this, and if it’s not a RAW problem then do you know where I could find the RAW of this manga ? (Because like I said I would like just to at least see what happens) ^^

I hope I will get an answer/reply and thanks for your scanlation work.
Thank you so much for translating Watashi no Shounen. Any plan to pick it up again?
Thank you so much for translating Beastars.
Thank you for translating beastars :D
Good job for translation... I really love your work for this series... I hope you can finish this manga until ending...
@XieShu (& Everyone confused) Their website got bombarded by DMCA Takedown notices, so it had to be shut down, no official information on the discord server being empty but personally (As in, take this with a few truckloads of salt) i think it probably had to go into hiding as well.

That all said, it seems the group is still hard at work scanlating and posting for us here at the dex, so let's all thank them properly and support them when possible!

Like i said, thank you all for your hard work and care for the community!
So what happened to you guys?
I can't find any information.
Your website requires an account to login, and the discord server has no chat rooms nor the announcement chat gives any valuable information.
I'd love to hear stuff from you guys.
Last edited 12 mo ago by XieShu.
From your site, I know that Miss Kiryuu is on hiatus. Any update on when you're thinking about returning to it?
Thanks so much for scanlating watashi no shounen!
Website still down? Any alternative official link to donwload your version?
Is your website down?
No. We still plan on working on it, despite that the officials seem ahead. Just need to take care of some backlog before that (Beast Complex, D-Frag, Oregairu).
Did you guys drop Twilight Princess?
@GDAFF did you drop Maousama Chotto Sore Totte ? It's been 482 days since the last release and it still says ongoing on your site. Also thanks for scanning it in the first place.
Thank you so much for Beastars! ?
Hello, I'm from S.T Manga which is a Vietnamese translation group. I want to translate Watashi no Shounen into Vietnamese so I write this message to ask for your permission. If you agree, please send me a reply. Thank you !
Here is our group facebook:
My email: