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    Silver Plan to Redo From JK
    Koi Shita no de, Haishin Shite Mita
    Ookii Kouhai wa Suki Desu ka?
    Maou no Musume wa Yasashi Sugiru!! | Joint with ZTS
    Ojousama no Shimobe | Joint with XuN Scans
    Hen na Chishiki ni Kuwashii Kanojo Takayukashiki Souko-san | Joint with XuN Scans
    JK Haru wa Isekai de Shoufu ni Natta | Joint with Galaxy Degen Scans & ZTS


    Ore no Nounai Sentakushi ga, Gakuen Rabukome o Zenryoku de Jama Shite Iru
    Jikai no Death Game ni Gokitai Kudasai!!


    Yokoshima na Eguchi-kun
    Eguchi-kun Doesn't Miss a Thing
    High Risk Mission Therapy
    Cherry Teacher Sakura Naoki
    Imawa no Michi no Alice
    Hyottoshite Gyaru wa Orera ni Yasashii no Dewa? Anthology Comic
    Omae o Otaku ni Shiteyaru kara, Ore o Riajuu ni Shitekure!
    Majime Succubus Hiragi-san (Oneshot)
    Gal Kazoku (Oneshot)
    Aijima-san wa Samete Iru! (Oneshot)
    JK to Sutego no Akachan
    Tama Kick | Joint with ZTS & Galaxy Degen Scans
    Even If I Die With Miss Asanami, I Want to Cum


    I Love Yu!
    Yakumo-san wa Edzuke ga Shitai. | Joint with XuN Scans
    Senpai ga Boku wo Torinikiteru
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    • -- (8.07)
    • 2,829
    • 59,959
    • 35
    A romcom centered around two childhood friends: Tarou and Umi.
    It took four tries professing his love, but he finally gets a 'Yes'.
    Not long after, Tarou finds that Umi only has 100 days to live!
    • -- (9.25)
    • 20,862
    • 390,893
    • 185
    The strongest Demon King, Ahriman, rules every part of the world. However, he had to stop his world conquest all of a sudden. What is the unexpected reason behind this...?

    Author's Twitter
    • -- (8.59)
    • 3,732
    • 92,374
    • 32
    Oreki Houtarou is an "energy-saver" kind of guy, who expends as little energy as possible to do only things he has to. When he starts high school, his older sister sends him a letter asking him to join the Classics Club. The club meant a lot to her, and its number of members has been reduced to zero.

    Houtarou reluctantly signs up for the club, only to find that someone else has joined, too! She's Chitanda Eru, a cute, big-eyed girl with an overwhelming sense of curiosity. A mystery crops up that catches Eru's interest, and also draws in Houtarou's friend, Fukube Satoshi. They continue solving mundane mysteries together, and soon they draw in Satoshi and Houtarou's friend, Ibara Mayaka, as well. Mayaka has had a blatant crush on Satoshi since middle school, but he always fends off her advances. Together, they search for the truth in a mystery that involves the history of the Classics Club.
    • -- (5.95)
    • 9,153
    • 458,483
    • 109
    17 year old Nonoyama Reiji goes to work at a public bath only to find it staffed with beautiful girls, who quickly take a liking to him.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Nonoyama Reiji de 17 anos, vai trabalhar em um casa de banho apenas para se encontrar com belas garotas, que rapidamente gostam dele.
    • -- (7.18)
    • 6,914
    • 109,883
    • 29

    The perfect rich lady (big breasts) Vs. small mouse-like boy!!

    Yamada Ritsu, a first year student and an assistant for the Student Council's General Affairs, senses danger approaching him. Gifted with both intelligence and beauty, the Student Council President Jinguuji Mio uses her weapons of destruction (boobs) to approach him with various methods. After witnessing that, Ritsu is convinced: "She is after my life!"

    Will Ritsu's heart survive Mio's relentless attack? What are Mio's real intentions!?

    From the same author as Binbougami Ga! and Sousei no Onmyouji, a sexy love comedy full of misunderstandings!

    Spanish / Español:

    • -- (6.65)
    • 6,273
    • 178,813
    • 63
    A girl who talks about something very passionately is cute... But what if she is talking about the ways to kill people!? This is the story of Itsuki-kun, the class prez, spending time doing odd jobs together with the beautiful girl, Asanami-san. They spend time together in the cute-afterschool hours... but occasionally, a change occurs. When the topic comes to "Death"... she becomes extremely heated! Laying herself bare and lots of skinship! She transforms!! This is a slightly perverted love comedy where you can learn the ways to kill people with a pure and beautiful girl.
    • -- (7.69)
    • 14,480
    • 388,740
    • 55
    A big junior is set on pampering her senior!? An uneven love comedy! ♪

    Português / Portuguese:
    • -- (7.53)
    • 19,076
    • 543,319
    • 94
    Inuzuka Yuu is unable to make any friends due to his mean face and awkwardness. But because of his enrollment to high school, he has the opportunity to enter the dorms. However, it was a share house between 6 people, 3 girls and 3 boys filled with secrets!?

    Portuguese / Português:
    Inuzuka Yuu é incapaz de fazer amigos, devido à sua cara de malvado e seu jeito desajeitado. Mas, devido à sua matrícula no ensino médio, ele tem a oportunidade de entrar no dormitório estudantil. No entanto, era uma casa compartilhada entre 6 pessoas, 3 garotas e 3 garotos cheios de segredos?!

    Here's a way to support the author! / Aqui está uma maneira de apoiar o autor!
    • -- (8.36)
    • 4,043
    • 45,779
    • 78
    Her grandfather is a politician, and her father is a real estate owner.
    Ninomiya Sayuri is an arrogant young lady who had the culmination of power and wealth during the bubble period.
    However, it all came down together with the collapse of the bubble. Eventually, she became a middle-aged homeless person.

    One day, a delinquent threw a rock aimed at her.
    Just when Sayuri thought she had died while clinging to her past happiness, she somehow time leaped to the days of her high school period...!?

    To save her family from the tragic future that awaits them and gaining hold of true happiness by not relying on money, she comes up with a "Silver Plan" by putting all her effort to make friends, save money, be healthy and more. Sayuri's second life begins now!
    • -- (7.80)
    • 20,164
    • 1,054,207
    • 195
    From the mangaka who brought Maga-Tsuki:

    The story centers around a main character who was raised as a butler from his family's trade, and who one day meets a rich young lady who cannot even change her own clothes, let alone know what to do in the outside world.

    Português / Portuguese

    Español / Spanish
    • -- (6.75)
    • 5,668
    • 313,823
    • 75
    The "erotic comedy" manga centers on Ayane Kurozumi, a beautiful detective who has legs that can take anything down. She takes various jobs so long as she gets proper monetary compensation.
    • -- (6.66)
    • 13,078
    • 316,150
    • 208
    *record scratch* *freeze frame on Haru Koyama getting choked by a horny naked dude* Yep, that’s me. You’re probably wondering how I got into this situation. Not by choice, I can tell you that! It started when my weirdo classmate, Chiba, tried to save me from a runaway truck and got us both killed instead. Idiot. Then we got transported to another world, which I guess is like an otaku dream come true, or something? Chiba ends up with cheat abilities, and what do I get? Nothing! Lucky me, I get to be a sex worker instead. Gotta earn money somehow — but since I have to do it, I’m gonna kick ass at it. This world treats women even worse than the one we came from, so things get…rough. Still, I’ve made friends with some of the girls, and if I can juggle Chiba’s idiocy and Sumo the virgin’s emotions on top of all the various kinks my customers throw at me, things will be all right…won’t they?
    (Source: J-Novel Club)

  • Official English Novel
    • -- (8.24)
    • 4,955
    • 68,966
    • 27
    My remarried dad brought a new mom and... a cute little sister...!? From the author of "Cross Account", Date-sensei's long awaited new work! A heart thumping family comedy oneshot with 49 pages!!
    • -- (8.08)
    • 5,780
    • 109,184
    • 73
    A schoolgirl during her post teen pregnancy abandons her baby son while a gyaru student who found him takes care of him. This is the story of two girls from different backgrounds in a similar predicament.
    • -- (7.15)
    • 2,238
    • 52,616
    • 5
    The story centers around Kanade Amakusa, a boy cursed with the mental power of "absolute multiple-choice"—a multiple-choice quiz will suddenly appear in his mind, and the choice he makes will become his reality. For example, he would have to choose between going nude from the waist up or the waist down in school. While in school, he is given another choice:
    1) A beautiful girl will fall before him.
    2) he will fall from the rooftop in female clothes.
    He chooses option 1, and a blonde girl named Chocolat falls before him.

    Kanade Amakusa est un lycéen maudit par le « choix absolu », un questionnaire à choix multiples qui apparaît dans son esprit et dont sa réponse devient réalité. Un jour, deux choix apparaissent dans son esprit, et il choisit la première option pour éviter une mort probable. Une jeune fille nommée Chocolat tombe alors devant lui.
    • -- (7.57)
    • 986
    • 13,227
    • 4
    Aloof from afar, but when you talk about shark movies, Aijima-san gets passionate! A oneshot love comedy of 24 pages!

    From the same author as Ookii Kouhai wa Suki Desu ka?
    • -- (7.86)
    • 4,098
    • 58,417
    • 26
    An upright and cleanhanded person, Kusakabe has no experience in dating. Wishing for sexual desire and love to go into ruin, he keeps his distance away from them. However one day, a cute neighbour, Hiragi-san, appears before him and asks him to hand over his used tissues to her!? And so begins the story of a serious guy and a neighbour succubus, a oneshot heart thumping comedy!!
    • -- (7.81)
    • 3,721
    • 123,440
    • 63
    A clumsy girl who constantly shows off her panties, even though she doesn't want to. A martial arts expert with a complex surrounding her flat chest. A cool beauty who also is a dangerous lesbian.

    These and many other girls make up the all-girl's school that newcomer teacher Sakura Naoki has been hired at. Can he help these girls with their many troubles?
    • -- (7.07)
    • 306
    • 5,191
    • 6
    Appointed as a new teacher at an all-girls school, Sakura-sensei rams himself onto his students, literally.
    • -- (7.75)
    • 3,152
    • 79,048
    • 22
    Hajime Eguchi, 10 years old, born around January to April. People call him "A young prince of a bit Eros."
    • -- (7.59)
    • 6,790
    • 162,667
    • 38
    Kashiwada Naoki was determined to lead his high school life without anyone knowing that he's an Otaku. However, his classmate Bishoujo, Koigasaki Momo, who was rumored among the girls to be a bitch, found him out!? Before the despairing Kashiwada, she said something undoubtedly surprising.

    "Aren't you an Otaku? Then, make me into an Otaku!"

    The love story of two individuals bounded by an agreement of Otaku and Riajuu starts!!
    • -- (7.22)
    • 11,253
    • 411,319
    • 75
    Published by Rex Comics with the cover illustrated by Hisasi (vol.1), this manga anthology is a collection of 7 stories over 140 pages (each drawn by a different artist) about attractive gyarus who for some reason treat our good for nothing protagonists kindly compared to others.

    List of stories and authors:
    Vol. 1 cover by Hisasi

    Vol. 2 cover by Yahiro Pochi

    Vol. 3 cover by Ichino Yuyu

    Best chapter poll:
    • -- (8.11)
    • 8,845
    • 354,297
    • 100
    Eguchi Hajime is an elementary school boy with the worst (best?) super power ever:
    Being able to notice every little erotic moment that happens in daily life.

    Best Girl Poll: https://www.strawpoll.me/17820964
    • -- (7.86)
    • 553
    • 33,768
    • 26
    Collection of April Fool's releases
    • -- (7.91)
    • 1,280
    • 42,470
    • 14
    A former nursery teacher to a death game company!? A struggle to the death with a super-rich, genius and cheat-like young man begins...! A clumsy 4-Koma death game comedy manga!
    • -- (7.42)
    • 9,462
    • 703,709
    • 168
    Iori Kandono is suffering from a new illness called Monderella Syndrome, thanks to which she would suddenly experience severe pain in her chest. To make the pain go away, she can either take the medicine or get a massage by a male person. One day she forgets her medicine at home and has such an attack in school, but fortunately her classmate, Edogawa, by pure chance runs into her, and it seems he's the only one who can make her pain go away!
    • -- (7.60)
    • 1,811
    • 69,843
    • 55
    The manga follows "another Alice," a female high school student who curses her everyday life. When by chance she loses her way on the "Border road", she is forced into in a deadly battle for survival.