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    The world’s first action game VRMMO FWO (Fantasy World Online). Our main character chose to become a Summoner. While not so much in particularly willing to go about aggressively capturing monsters or aim to be the strongest player. Just wanting to have an adventure to search for cute monsters and clothes’ material. Without noticing in the flow of one situation after another, he becomes the top ranking Summoner. (Source: Novel)

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    Masatsugu was brought from another world in a hero summoning and ended up being part of the lowest possible caste. Awaiting this boy, who possess nothing but elementary skills, is managing an orphanage full of beautiful girls! But, his annoying days are just starting as he finds the building in ruins, and he also has to pay off the huge debt the former director left! And that’s not all, he has no time to rest from all the scumbags threatening the orphanage! Will Masatsugu and the orphans be able to protect their precious home?

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    Takatsuki Souta is in love with his childhood friend Amanome Rikka but he has a problem; because of their parents' upbringing, their relationship is viewed more like siblings. So whats going to happen when he obtains the power of "Geass" through a mysterious book which awakens sexual desires in people around him?

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    Ever since a meteorite fell, the world has become strange. Two young immortals, Mithia and Youthanasia, are traveling through this crazy world in hopes of finding a way to die.

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    A bit dumb yet cute girl and a kind-hearted and tolerant girl. Those are the childhood friends of the boy whose peaceful life is turned around after being reborn in another world. Will they be able to survive in another world with only useless skills!? They’ll manage somehow...!

    Ponkotsu: literally means “Trash” or “useless” or “unreliable” when insulting a person.

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    As a 6 Year Old, Rintaro is diagnosed with Henisei Tashu Ijou Syndrome (also known as Hentai Syndrome), a disease that could kill him if he gets sexually aroused. To save him and provide a way for him to live as normal a life as possible, his father teaches him the ways to control his body and mind for ten years in the mountains, with the martial art of the Koei Sougetsu. When he's 16 he chooses to enroll Nangokuren High School, which he assumed to be the biggest all-boys school in the country but is actually the biggest all-girls school that has just gone coed.

    On his first day he stumbles upon a large scale battle and learns that the first rule of the school is that it "Abides the Law of Nature" which has turned the campus into a war zone-like environment. Rintaro now sees transferring out as his mission, but will it be that easy now that he's caught the eye of the 3 "Dragons", the bodacious female leaders of the three biggest factions around?

    Italian / Italiano:
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    At the end of the Meiji Restoration, a girl saint was crucified and burnt alive under persecution.

    A century later, Katori and his six childhood friends are summoned to her world beyond the nirvana, where they receive the Great Commission: build a kingdom, and make disciples of all nations.

    Every midnight, each of them is randomly given a role out of Monarch, Aristocrat, and Plebeian. As the lowly must obey a higher-up in the hierarchy, can they fight and defeat other nations to conquer the world--before infighting brought up by their own hidden desires breaks them apart?
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    Hokuto always seems to have the same dream where he suddenly wakes up and begins to cry. His friend had been involved in an accident but the doctors could not find any serious symptoms despite her falling into a coma. So why can she not wake up?

    [PL] Hokuto 10 kwietnia ma zawsze ten sam sen, nagle się budzi i zaczyna płakać. Jego przyjaciółka miała kiedyś wypadek, lekarze nie stwierdzili u niej żadnych poważnych objawów, ale dlaczego nadal się nie obudziła...?
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    Sakurai Sakuya is a first-year student that hates summer. One day when he's verbalizing his hatred towards the sky, he is spotted by Kisaragi Haruka, a second or third year student. (It's only said that she's senior to Sakuya.) Haruka is the only member of the art club of the school and ask Sakuya to model for her. He agrees not knowing it would be a nude model. Then only covered by a small blanket, Sakuya gets aroused by the thought of him and Haruka being all alone in the club room, which is an old storage shed. Haruka is entranced by Sakuya's penis and keeps touching it, which leads to have Sakuya cum all over Haruka's face. Sakuya thinks that this is the end between them, but Haruka warmly sees him off with the words "See you tomorrow". Thus their fragile love begins.
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    Fuwa Rito is an otaku wasting his time in a gal game appreciation circle. Ruri is a childhood friend who has a crush on him and is worried about his otaku ways. Trying to find out who he likes, she sets up a group dating between her friends and the guys of this circle in a Maid Cafe. What she doesn't know is that certain big chested maid is about to enter the game!
    Russian / Русский
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    Shinjou Maita is trying to get new members for his movie research society club when he stumbles upon angelic first-year Hotohara Shiori. Life seems to be looking up for him, until a strange woman appears in his apartment, warning him that his life is in danger.
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    A one-shot and prequel to Onee-chan ga Mamotte Ageru. In it, Nanami Kousaka goes to an idol audition, and he ultimately makes his debut cross-dressing as Mi-Na, who is seen near the end of Onee-chan ga Mamotte Ageru chapter 1 a little bit older.
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    Inspired by his grandfather's skills, Kiriyama Kyoutarou's dream is to become a hairstylist. For that he enrolls in Yumemino Private Academy, also known as Tech High, the first combined technical high school in the country, more specifically he enrolls in the Beautician Department. Little did he know that his neighbor in class is Samejima Alto, an infamous female delinquent renowned for her monstrous strength. Even after that meeting his school life proves to be quite eventful as he stumbles upon a mysterious idol's secretive practice, discovers a connection with the biggest up-and-coming idol around and receives a rather unexpected request from the fearful Samejima - "Can you turn me into an idol!?". A story about following your dreams, even when everything and everyone seems to believe they're unfit considering who you are.
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    High School Student Kiriyama Kyotarou's parents own a beauty shop that he helps in everyday after school. Due to the fact he has to go home to work everyday after school, he never has the chance to get a girlfriend or join any clubs. But that may change since the delinquent female gang-head of his school asked him to teach her how to be an idol.
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    Famed author Kasumigaoka Utaha had always struggled with her novel series, 'Koisuru Metronome' until she met Tomoya Aki; her biggest fan who inspires her to give it a proper conclusion and later becomes her personal editor. Now with Tomoya's passion and Kasumigaoka's determination combined, the two work together on their latest series while also discovering their true feelings and finding parallels between themselves and the characters within Kasumigaoka's novels.

    This is an alternate Story with Kasumigaoka Utaha as the Main Heroine.
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    Her name was Megumi Takahashi, and she was his first love. Okamoto's daily routine was to leave his house early so he would be able to see Megumi walk to school, never daring to speak to her. He only had one chance to talk to her, and then she disappeared from his hometown a half-year later.

    Four years have passed since she moved away. Okamoto was looking through his daily porn stash when he finds out the porn he's watching starred Megumi under the name Chiemi Mizutani. Furthermore, Megumi ends up working at the same company that Okamoto currently works. Okamoto's love life is going to face some exciting times, for better or for worse.