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After dying in a mountain climbing accident, a 28-year-old man finds that he is reincarnated in an alternate world... as a POLAR BEAR.

After a climber falls off a mountain, he wakes up as a polar bear! Now, he has to protect six werewolf sisters and use his wits to navigate the dangers of the forest. (From baka-updates)

Russian / Русский
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"All armor handled in this shop is..." On his way of searching for a job, young man Kautz caught a sight of a shop recruiting for a store clerk. When he entered, what he saw was... Welcome to the journey! Welcome to the adult armor shop!
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A twenty-year-old with little hope for the future discovers a shop that buys lifespan, time, and health. This is a story dealing with the ensuing consequences.

Парень, у которого туго с деньгами, узнает про магазин, где можно продать время жизни. Отдав свои года, он в отчаянии приходит к пониманию ценности жизни.
Основано на новелле "Три дня счастья" от Сугару Мияки.

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    To drown men into dazzling pleasure and show them their loved ones in their dreams, that is a succubus. Due to an accident, a young 17 years old boy named Riichi Hourai is reincarnated into a succubus due to a misunderstanding by the Reincarnation Support Department. For a succubus to live, she squeezes out man’s life essence and must consume it but Riichi as a former man firmly refuses it and would rather die than do such behavior. Does a substitute for a life essence kind of food exist? There is! And surprisingly it’s milk!!

    However, There’s no race called a cow in another world let alone drink milk from other races. Although the Reincarnation Support Department gave him a dairy cow under special circumstances, he risks his own life raising the cattle who will become his life line in a parallel world and survive there while resisting his succubus nature. Moreover, It seems the cow wasn’t just any ordinary creature… Contrary to his desire for a peaceful life, Riichi was dragged into conflicts that influenced the fate of the world without him noticing it. Though him and his best friend have both died in an accident and his best friend reincarnated a bit late, both of them haven’t noticed the existence of one another.

    Can Riichi meet his best friend ever again?! Will their friendship be the same like their past life?! A romantic comedy with their new cheat forms starts here.
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    [EN] The story is adapted from the light novel of the same name.
    Sayama Takahiro, a carefree high school student, was transported to a fantasy world identical to the one in a VR Game. His go-with-the-flow attitude eventually overpowered his desire to return home, and now he runs Free Life, a small business dedicated to fulfilling the requests of its customers. Assisted by the hard-working Yumiel, what kinds of jobs will Sayama end up doing? If only someone would hire him to sleep till noon.

    [FR] Cette histoire est tirée du light novel du même nom.
    Sayama Takahiro, un lycéen insouciant fut transporté dans un monde de fantasy identique à un des jeux VR auxquels il joue. Sa vie de flemmard a démultiplié son envie de retourner dans son monde originel mais pour le moment, il possède une petite boutique appelée "Free Life". La particularité de ce magasin me demandez vous? Il s'agit de remplir des requêtes de ses clients. Son assistante, Yumiel est dévouée corps et âme à son travail. Quel genre de requêtes doit réaliser Sayama? Si seulement pouvait le recruter pour le laisser dormir jusqu'à midi...
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    Ari Tsubate is a 15 year old boy who is bad at everything. One day after receiving his test scores, he is killed in a accident. When he woke up, he found himself at the entrance of the netherworld inn. Greeted by the staff of the inn, he begins his journey in the netherworld.
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    A high school student is the only survivor of a plane crash 6 years ago. Shirou Kasumi lost his right eye in the accident, but in exchange gained the power to see the past. His only wish is to use that power to track down the murderer that killed his mother.
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    Ryutaro Saeki (32) was divorced and returned to living alone again. He is quick to find a suspiciously cheap property, but in that room he was greeted by Zashiki Warashi. Bizarre and funny life of two people living together will start!