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French scanlation team.
Shoujo, Josei, Shounen, Seinen.

If you want to help us, with cleaning, typesetting, translating, you are welcome! it's here : http://www.henka-no-kaze.fr/recrutement.php
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Pairing: Katsuki Yuuri x Victor Nikiforov
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Jooin et Jooyul, des jumeaux qui ont grandi dans un univers privélégié, vont faire la connaissance de Sobok et Lisa amies de toujours. Venez suivre leur histoire entre chassés-croisés amoureux, sombres secrets, émotions fortes, retournement de situation, joie et peine tout se mêle dans cette histoire hors du commun.
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In a modern-day loli's home, a super handsome ancient Jinyiwei falls from the sky! Without parental care, the loli takes him as her closest person and even wants to become his bride?! Though he appears tsundere, cold, and picky on the surface, he finds it harder and harder to let go of her...

*Note: Jinyiwei (in English "embroidered military guard") were secret police in China during the Ming dynasty (see Wikipedia for more).
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Though we get closer, the gap that can't be crossed. Our uncertain relationship - warm like pastel colors, but unable to burn hotly like primary colors. This fall is the beginning of the campus couple that'll make your heart race.
  • -- (7.52)
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On The night of lunar eclipse, demons cause the world to be in chaos, The child with red hair and scarlet eyes bearing Solomon’s power, shall descend—
(The series is complete at 29 chapters)
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Because he was given an umbrella during a snowy day, Hananoi-kun confess his love to her…!? Where does that love go?!
  • -- (7.92)
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  • 5
In a last attempt at peace, Clove, the last princess of a near-extinct Dragon clan is forced into a political marriage with an enemy prince.
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  • 14
The Yiqi who sees the other person’s memories when they lock lips, falls in love with a time traveling prince. In order to retrieve his memories, the prince kisses her without hesitation. And the person in his memories looks exactly like Yiqi… Hurry and read this kissing-from-beginning-to-end manhua, an excellent time-travel story full of embarrassing and slightly masochistic scenes.
  • -- (7.76)
  • 630
  • 25,359
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Wei QiuYu, who just entered his 30s, has fine features and a successful career, but he is still single? You may have already guessed the reason...

In a forced blind date, the brother who attended in his sister's place turns out to also bat for the same team? This marks the beginning of an ill-fated attraction! The cheerful puppy wolf pursues the difficult general manager. Faced with the pressure of marriage from his parents, will QiuYu be able to drop his facade and come together with his mutual love?
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Le médecin faiseur de miracle, Jian Fang Huai est mort en sauvant des vies dans sa vie
Le démon-chat qu'il sauva ainsi, lui fut profondément reconnaissant et le suivit de vies en vies. Il se colle à lui dès qu'il le peut, voulant se blottir dans sa main.
"Certaines personnes s'épanouissent sous l'amour, d'autres dégénèrent, moi je veux être
fou de toi toute ma vie, juste toi"
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  • 846
Pairing: Yuuri x Viktor
  • -- (8.09)
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  • 226,711
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The life of Satou Kazuma, a hikikomori who likes games, all too soon came to an end because of a traffic accident...... It was supposed to, but when he woke up, a beautiful girl who called herself a goddess was in front of his eyes. "Hey, I have got something a little nice for you. Wanna go to another world? You can take only one thing of your choice along with you." "... Then I'll take you". From here on, the great adventure of subjugating the Demon King will begin for the reincarnated Kazuma...... Or so one would think, but it's the labor for obtaining food, clothing and shelter that begins! Despite Kazuma wanting to live in peace, the goddess keeps causing problems one after another, and eventually, they attract the attention of the Demon King's army!?

Adaptation of the light novel series written by Akatsuki Natsume with illustrations by Kurone Mishima
  • -- (7.93)
  • 59
  • 3,023
Pairing: Viktor x Yuuri

Set several years after the end of the series, Victor and Yuuri finally decide to retire together, but before they step away from their professional careers, they want to shock the world one last time.

Couple: Viktor x Yuuri

Plusieurs années après la fin de la série animée, Victor et Yuuri décide de se retirer ensemble, mais avant de quitter leur carrière professionnelle; ils veulent choquer le monde une dernière fois.
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Well-behaved girl, Lian Yin, finally summoned up the courage to confess to childhood sweetheart, Fengyao Gong, but received an ambiguous answer. Was it timing's fault? Or was she not good enough? Anyway, she, who had a crush on Fengyao Gong for many years, didn't want to give up. While not long after this failed confession, another sudden high-profile confession completely upended her peaceful life... When she was despairing about Fengyao Gong's tragic death at the hands of the monster, she found that everything had returned to calm, as if the disaster had never happened. And the man who caused the great disaster like the end of days, entered her life as an ordinary student in plain sight..


  • -- (7.87)
  • 39
  • 848
A novice mortician who takes care of death, and a surgeon who saves lives. They’re in very different positions, but the distance between them is closing…
  • -- (7.85)
  • 206
  • 4,802
Tatsuo is a makeup artist for a fashion photographer and he is sick and tired of the models fawning over the new hairstylist, Haga. One morning, Tatsuo comes across one of the models running out of Haga's room with tears in her eyes and he has a long talk with Haga about how rude and antisocial he is. That's when Tatsuo realizes, Haga doesn't really know how to treat others and he doesn't even have a single friend – until now?
  • -- (7.89)
  • 66
  • 3,282
Whether the most popular guy in school to melt heart of the Ice Princess?

Le quotidien de Satu et de Rin en courtes scènes, pleines d'humour.
Satu est crack-love de Rin et Rin....a besoin de persuasion...
  • -- (7.89)
  • 251
  • 11,893
  • 2
French : Chen Mo, est une femme d'affaire, à la réputation froide et sans coeur. Elle déteste les surprises. Mais elle a un secret bien gardé...quand un homme surgit littéralement d'un arbre, sa vie s'en trouve bouleversée.
  • -- (7.76)
  • 386
  • 14,973
  • 3
"Forever and ever, be by my side, and protect me"

Takanose Miwa, a high school freshman, is a pretty but clumsy girl who loves manga more than reality. Her love is on the level that she does not care about the real world—like doesn't know about school rumors and doesn't believe in romance in the real world. One day she meets Nakajou Kiriatsu, a good-looking guy who looks like the lead male of her favourite manga. Kiriatsu is popular because he is nonchalant, cool and hard to read, though actually, he is just a natural airhead. As Miwa is at risk of getting bullied by a certain bad guy Inokura, Kiriatsu decides to protect her...​
  • -- (7.68)
  • 3,106
  • 77,803
  • 16
A cute, inevitable, warm love story between a blond delinquent boy and a black-haired serious girl.
  • -- (7.87)
  • 258
  • 4,223
  • 1
It's the story of a high school girl, Hibiki, who falls in love with one of her teachers. The two start dating, but run into a lot of trouble (since they have to date in secret). Hibiki's friends cover for her, and part of the story is also about them.

Includes a oneshot in Volume 1:
Tomodachi Nante Iwanaide
A short story about Kumiko's five year unrequited love to Kanata. Kanata has always seen her as the girl who ate a beef bowl and a good friend. Will that finally change?

  • -- (8.20)
  • 488
  • 19,927
  • 3
A story about two youthful boys--one named Yu Xiao Guang, the other named Lin Xiang--who have to deal with the problems forced upon them by both society and their families. How will they console each other during the tough teenage years? What will be the true nature of their friendship? And what does the future hold for them?
  • -- (7.84)
  • 254
  • 7,071
  • 5
Devastated by the loss of her parents, 18-year-old Chouko loses her will to live. After staying with several different relatives, she settles in with a handsome young writer named Kei and finds solace in tending to the flower garden. Kei's a solitary person who doesn't quite know how to deal with this emotional young woman, but Chouko's dedication eventually leads him to accept her presence. Will their mutual affection grow into something more? (from the CMX website)
  • -- (7.95)
  • 96
  • 5,230
  • 1
The story is a bit the usual: childhood friends, forced marriage, teacher-student but they are in college, and living together but kept it a secret.

"There are a lot of things that I don’t know, whether it is about myself or about yours. Even love is no exception, so please can you teach me everything?"

(Source: tatsukida.blogspot)

Included one-shots:
Volume 2: Ame dake ga Shitteiru
Volume 4: Watashi no Unmei 7-kakan
  • -- (7.82)
  • 878
  • 25,499
  • 11
Yan Qi met a time-travelling white-haired monk while on a trip to the mountains, and “chose” to bring him home. Ever since she brought this odd freeloader home, Yan Qi's life has become more and more eventful.
  • -- (7.37)
  • 139
  • 5,632
After an accident that made him unable to distinguish people's faces, the main character is shocked when he realises that he can see the new transfer student properly, and thinks he's found The One.

  • -- (7.98)
  • 45
  • 2,069
From Shoujo Manga Maniac:
Amateur photographer Makoto and the homely but endearing Shizuru meet during university orientation and become instant friends. Shy by nature, Makoto finds himself opening up around Shizuru, and the two often go to a forest together to take photographs. Shizuru secretly likes Makoto, but he only has eyes for classmate Miyuki.
  • -- (7.62)
  • 103
  • 2,683
Fu Tingchuan, un dieu national avec des dizaines de millions de fans, a une dépendance inconnue de tous en privé. Il pensait en être guéri , jusqu'à ce qu'il rencontre les magnifiques mains de la visagiste Jiang Kang.
  • -- (7.48)
  • 109
  • 3,504
Shiqi, une fille dure qui ramasse les ordures.
Laissée pour morte dans une déchetterie par des malfrats voulant se venger, elle se réveille devant
un homme magnifique qui lui même était dans le coma.
Elle le ramène gentiment chez lui, quand il lui dit qu'il est un dieu ?
  • -- (7.93)
  • 76
  • 2,110
French :
Yuzuko est une fille toujors optimiste et qui a une tendance à dire tout haut tout ce qui lui passe par la tête.
Alors que ça lui arrive pour la énième fois et qu'elle insulte son interlocuteur, elle est sauvée de justesse par une magnifique soubrette du café voisin :"Maid and Butler". Ce qu'elle ignore c'est que la soubrette en question n'est autre que le garçon le plus populaire du lycée : Itsuki....
  • -- (7.59)
  • 1,965
  • 70,781
  • 23
At first sight Jun seems like a hot vamp, however her sexy look is a complete lie.
In reality she is a very shy wallflower. But what's even worse: She is still a virgin! In desperation, she seeks refuge in her erotic daydreams which always turn into some odd situations.
And if that wasn't enough, she also finds out that the man of her dreams lives nearby.
An oblique erotic comedy about the burden of lust!

French :
À première vue, Jun ressemble à une bimbo, mais son look sexy est un mensonge complet. En réalité, elle est très timide.
Pire encore pour elle : elle est encore vierge!
En désespoir de cause, elle cherche refuge dans ses rêveries érotiques qui arrivent toujours sans qu'elle s'y attende.
Et si cela ne suffisait pas, elle constate également que l'homme de ses rêves vit à proximité.
  • -- (7.88)
  • 45
  • 1,741
Collection of four stories about bullying and how people can react and survive it.
1) The Final Loop
2) And Then There Was You
3) Watercolour Girl
4) Gorbachev's Seed.
  • -- (7.38)
  • 107
  • 3,511
1. Sensei, Mou Ichido...
Il y a six ans, Yuzuki est sortie secrètement avec son professeur principal, Tsuji.
Mais quand Yuzuki est partie pour continuer ses études, ils ont rompu.
Elle est devenue à son tour professeur, et vient enseigner dans son ancien lycée où son ancien prodesseur devient son collègue.
Reprendront-ils leur histoire?

2. Anata no Toko de Nemureru Jikan
Elle entretient une relation secrète avec son patron qui est lui-même dans une relation depuis dix ans avec une autre femme...saura-t-elle s'affirmer et de seconde passer à première?

3. Blanket, Ichimai no Yoru
Mari, une femme de 27 ans, n'a jamais eu de relation amoureuse car le travail est sa première priorité.
Mais tout menace de s'éffondrer qaund l'ami de son frère vient habiter avec eux et prends en charge toutes les corvées....

4. Hokenshitsuno Kagiana
Makino est déprimée depuis sa rupture avec son petit ami, son collègue Kuga la réconforte...et plus si affinités?

5. Kankei Himesuru!
Il y a 8 ans, Yuri a rompu avec son petit ami parce qu'ils étaient dans une relation à longue distance.
Yuri l'a finalement oublié et est allée de l'avant.
Malheureusement elle se retrouve huit ans plus tard à travailler sous les ordres de qui ?

  • -- (8.67)
  • 2,405
  • 49,389
  • 16
Genius bartender, Sasakura Ryuu makes the most incredible cocktails anyone has ever tasted. Seeking his "Glass of God", individuals from all different walks of life visit his bar. With both a compassionate ear and a godly drink, Ryuu helps people with their problems.

Volume Titles:
1: 優しい止まり木 – Yasashī Tomariki – Gentle Perch
2: 完璧な味 – Kanpekina Aji – Perfect Taste
3: バーの顔 – Bā no Kao – Bar Face
4: 旅人のための一杯 – Tabibito no Tame no Ippai – A Cup for the Traveler
5: One for the Road – One for the Road – One for the Road
6: 葉巻の煙 – Hamaki no Kemuri – Cigar Smoke
7: マティーニの顔 – Matīni no Kao – Martini's Face
8: イーデンホールの幸運 – Īdenhōru no Kōun – Eden Hall Good Luck
9: 最初の『客』 – Saisho no “Kyaku” – First "Customer"
10: たゆたえども沈まず – Tayutaedomo Shizumazu – It Won't Sink
11: それぞれの転機 – Sorezore no Tenki – Each Turning Point
12: クロス・ロード – Kurosu Rōdo – Cross Road
13: 失敗の優しさ – Shippai no Yasashi-sa – The Kindness of Failure
14: 献杯 – Kenpai – Serving Cup
15: 過去 – Kako – Past
16: 竹鶴・リタの物語 – Takedzuru Rita no Monogatari – Takazuru Rita's Story
17: 明日への扉 – Asuhenotobira – Door to Tomorrow
18: バーの宝物 – Bā no Takaramono – Bar Treasures
19: 旅立ち – Tabidachi – Departure
20: 善い人 – Good Person
21: サヨナラの教え – Sayonara no Oshie – The Teachings of Goodbye

  • -- (7.49)
  • 332
  • 14,747
  • 2
Crackhead rom-com, a modern re-tail of The Little Mermaid. Featuring a delusional mermaid, and a whimsy "prince".

Dans le conte de la petite sirène il est dit : « Elle sauta dans la mer et quand le soleil se leva, elle se transforma en écume. ». STOP! Ici on va vous raconter une autre histoire, la petite sirène a de la ressource et le prince charmant ne l'est pas tant que ça...
  • -- (7.81)
  • 2,292
  • 110,485
  • 12
Xing Zi hates guys, because whenever she bumps into them she hiccups! However one day she bumped into a guy with a bad reputation, but she didn't even hiccup!?
  • -- (7.39)
  • 500
  • 24,971
  • 2
A naked hunk appeared, out of nowhere, in my house... and he can control ice?! Thus, the money-minded female master now uses him as a moneymaking machine. They slowly fall in love with each other after being together, but the 'Snow Man' has a condition that makes him unable to love. How will they overcome this problem and will they find true love?
  • -- (8.16)
  • 227
  • 4,999
An inn that you can visit where you'll find old things you thought were lost forever.

French :
Il existe une auberge où l'on peut trouver ce que l'on a perdu ou ce que l'on ignore avoir perdu...
  • -- (7.66)
  • 48
  • 4,544
  • 2
Entrez dans la vie quotidienne de Salam, le politicien populaire et son secrétaire, Yazad, où le mariage n'est ni la fin, ni l'épilogue de l'histoire d'amour. Ensemble, ils gèrent leur relation après leur mariage, travaillent pour établir leur propre place dans le monde et gèrent tout ce que la vie leur réserve. Chaque jour les rapproche encore plus, car ils continuent d’être l'un pour l'autre à travers les bons, les mauvais et les stupides moments.
  • -- (7.98)
  • 48
  • 2,589
Middle schoolers in a long distance love. And what happens when they see each other after so long once they got into high school...!? A mature love story.

French :
Deux collégiens qui vivent un amour à distance. Que se passe-t-il une fois qu'ils se revoient après si longtemps ?
Une fois qu'ils sont entrés au lycée...!?
Une petit histoire d'amour toute simple, sans prétention.

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