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The story follows lawman Elmore Evans, who despite being one of the most amazing gunslingers in the West can't get rid of his bad luck in his romantic life.
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In the middle of the 21st century, the world was on the brink of World War III. But superheroes from across the globe appeared and helped bring an era of peace. With the crisis averted, the Heroes returned to their home countries where they now help with domestic matters. This is the story about the young Japanese heroine named "Shy"...

Author's twitter: @bukimi397
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Niito Nemuko, nicknamed Neeko, is 23 years old and still unable to find a job. This is her everyday life as she struggles with the fact that she's basically just a NEET.

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Satoru Tsukishima has just been confessed to by fellow high school boxing club member Yae Saotome, who is currently the Kanto region's Female Featherweight Champion. Overjoyed at first, Satoru isn't able to accept her feelings as he believes that she should be focusing on boxing instead. Yae's championship will soon be on the line, and the entire school is counting on her to someday represent Tokyo in the Olympics. It also doesn't help that he's nowhere near as skilled as she is, conflicted by the thought of a rising star being in a relationship with someone as average as him.

But when their coach finds out about the confession, Satoru is assigned as Yae's trainer so the two can secretly date and spend more time together while also engaging in club activities. However, if anyone finds out about the two, it will mean the end of their relationship. With this in mind, their pure and awkward romance begins!
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Makoto is in love with his childhood friend Ai. However, every night he is plagued with a strange dream where there is a station he does not know, the curtain to a chilling suspense story of love and survival opens.
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Rokudou is a loser, and everyone knows it. He gets picked on at school, gets snide looks from passersby, and can only muster up the courage to complain in secret with his equally hapless friends. Looking to turn his life around, he desperately uses an ancestral artifact passed down in his family for generations: a scroll that is capable of subduing all demons. However, in the modern age, it has a different effect: it makes all bad girls fall in love with him.
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The story of Sherlock Holmes, reimagined with Moriarty as the protagonist and exploring his motivation in becoming the greatest criminal Britain has ever seen.

Russian / Русский
Конец позапрошлого века, Британская империя правит миром, и в основе всего лежит классовая система. И тут внезапно появляется Джеймс Мориарти - молодой человек, желающий уничтожить зло, проистекающее из классовой дискриминации, и создать идеальную страну.
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Mairimashita! Iruma-kun is the story of Suzuki Iruma, who has been sold to the demon by his irresponsible parents in exchange for money. Surprisingly, next thing he knows, he is living with the demon and has been transferred into a school in the Demon World. We invite you to follow Iruma-kun's extraordinary school life.
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The near future, in a quiet seaside town. Yoshioka, who had recently lost his wife, just wants to spend the rest of his days in peace. However, Yoshioka's children, worried about their father's health, sent a housekeeping robot to help him. Yoshioka's quiet life is now changing.
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Ooguma Satomi has never been in a relationship. One day, she fell in love with a handsome younger boy in her class, without knowing that he... is actually a girl.
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The story follows Detective Xeno, who after being found collapsed at the side of a road covered in blood and was taken to a hospital the first thing he said upon awakening was solving a murder that happened in the hospital!
Xeno himself has no memory of who he is or where he came from, but after that huge incident and after leaving the hospital, he opened up a detective agency and in just a year he solved some high-profile cases.
Russian / Русский
Polish/ Polski
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The story is set in a fantasy world of swords and magic, but this isn't a typical fantasy world since the technological progress have advanced so much that smartphones are everywhere!!

Everyone lives a peaceful life until one day a brother and a sister find a very strange sword.
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Various oneshots based on theme of alcohol and yuri relationships.
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A shy, bashful, and nervous girl tries to survive in a high school for delinquents. The "abnormal" comedy begins.

  • Author's Twitter
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    From Girls in Boxes: Mari's girlfriend, Arisa, loses her memories of the past three years, including all memory of their life together. However, it turns out that being crazy in love with someone transcends all realms of possibility.
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    What if Erika was transferred to Ooarai instead of Miho?
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    Suzume Chiyoyo is a shinobi, but she's also a high-school girl in love. Follow her as she tries to confess to the boy she likes.

    Spanish / Español
    Suzume Chiyoyo es una shinobi, pero también es una chica de secundaria enamorada. Siguela en sus aventuras tratando de confesarse al chico que le gusta.
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    Nicola, human, ends up in the Demon World where she is found by wandering trader, Simon. Unfortunately, humans don't seem to be appreciated all that much in the Demon World, but that doesn't stop Nicola from running her mouth all the time.
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    The statue of David is one of Michelangelo's greatest masterpieces and one of the most recognizable works of art of all time, right up there with the Mona Lisa. It's a celebration of the male form and also served as a warning to Rome to not infringe upon the freedoms of the city-state of Florence. But did you also know he's a panty-obsessed pervert? And a braggart? Dio bono!
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    Manga adaption of H. P. Lovecraft's "The Shadow Out of Time"
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    The typical Kochikame plot involves Ryo-san coming up with a money-making scheme by inventing a new gadget or capitalizing on a fad, achieving great success, calling on Nakagawa's help as things turn sour, and finally losing it all as the fad runs out of steam or out of control. While the plots are gag-driven, much of the humor comes from the juxtaposition of mundane characters with the bizarrely incongruous (Nakagawa's wealth, Maria's appeal, everyone's lack of actual police work), most of which is never explained or rationalized in the slightest.
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    Humanity's dream...
    Crystal humanoid technology. They have 'illnesses' just like humans but the treatment options are quite different.

    The troubled AI's band together, and the new doctor at the facility, Sudou, bears witness.
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    Saeki Kaoru is the coolest girl in school, but she's also mysterious and intimidating. But in truth, she is just shy, and also have a crush on the meek Himura Miharu.
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    Fujishiro Nanaki, beautiful and attractive, is a popular girl at school. Her classmate is the plain-looking Kurokawa Kanade.
    For Fujishiro Nanaki, who always wants to be cuter than anyone, Kurokawa Kanade's existence is nothing but an eyesore to her.
    One day, Fujishiro discovered that her boyfriend has been cheating on her...

    Portuguese / Português
    Nanaki-chan é a popular da escola, ela exalta sua beleza com a maior auto-estima e arrogância possível, ela é a princesinha fútil e imatura que acha que a aparência é fundamental. Mas um dia tudo isso vai por terra quando ela leva um pé na bunda gostosim do cara mais bonito e popular da escola. E pra piorar além de ser esculachada pelo zé bundão, tudo isso aconteceu na frente da mina que ela até então tirava uma onda por não ser tão vaidosa como ela... Só que dessa "tragédia" ela vai perceber que beleza nem sempre é tudo....
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    Kikuno Kei, nickname "Kay", is a normal university student, and a part time hitwoman.
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    • 23,526
    • 18
    Ougonji Kogane has been absurdly wealthy her whole life, with the riches she obtained from the business she made in elementary school she has had everything she ever wanted, and now sets out to purchase romance.
    • -- (7.52)
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    • 112,344
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    Hinata is an introverted geek who sits next to Mikage, a gyaruu, in class. Hinata realizes that Mikage is a former friend from elementary school, and attempts to rekindle their friendship.

    Additional Links:
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    An all-female family manages a small inn on a small island. Mother, aunt and 4 daughters are all very intimate with each other and wish to help their (female) guests to unleash their own yuri feelings.
    • -- (8.35)
    • 7,910
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    The kingdom of Rahasa is a desert city that is experiencing a drought spanning generations, the last rain was an eternity ago and the sky is clear of clouds. The people's only salvation is Aquarea, a girl with the ability to create water. But as her powers begin to weaken, what can her friend Asha do?
    • -- (7.85)
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    Demetrios, a timid and kind vase painter in Ancient Greece, who dislikes sports and competitions, is one day forced to come up with a game to compete with the mayor of the neighboring town, in order to save his village. While hiding inside a large vase outside his workshop, lightning strikes the vase Demetrios is in, transferring him to Tokyo, Japan, during the 1964 Summer Olympics.
    • -- (8.12)
    • 2,921
    • 45,354
    • 15
    Yumesaki-san has a problem. Every day she is given a new, random supernatural ability by an anonymous person called God. But for what purpose?
    • -- (7.88)
    • 1,359
    • 24,314
    • 10
    Prisoners are sent to an island to mine an ore that lies underneath it, but there was something strange about the ore and it transformed them.
    The more you touch the strange ore the more it changes your skin and bones into a blue-ish color and in the end your entire body will turn into ore.

    After that the people that sent the prisoners set up a research facility to do experiments on them and treated them like test subjects.

    The story starts when one of the researchers Kai, tries to help one of the patients escape.

    The one-shot version won the Shinman GP award in 2017.
    • -- (7.97)
    • 815
    • 16,253
    • 5
    Confined to a wheelchair, Ilya Kravitz's dream is to pilot an Arcana, a super-powered humanoid weapon, and to fly through the skies defending America from the gargantuan alien Idola. With the support of his sister Anna, a talented military Sergeant, Ilya passes the final test to become a "player," controlling his very own Arcana unit. However, the opportunity of a lifetime comes with a painful price that challenges the bonds of unconditional love...
    • -- (7.68)
    • 174
    • 2,464
    • 5
    A delinquent is challenged by God to make his childhood friend smile in front of him as a punishment for his sins. If he fails he will die.
    • -- (7.84)
    • 248
    • 6,638
    • 2
    Arata, a former karate disciple, and his little sister Himari are camping in a forest when they witness the appearance of a spaceship, that kidnaps them. They meet up with Sorakil, a rather bizarre alien who claims to be an agent of the Galactic Federation, demanding the brother and sister's help to protect Earth.
    • -- (8.29)
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    Ch. 1 - Oni x Mountain Goddess
    Ch. 2 - Welcome to the Zoo Bar
    Ch. 3 - The Sacrificial Bride
    • -- (8.07)
    • 3,703
    • 114,290
    • 28
    The manga centers around a certain boy who lives alone away from people, but harbors a special dream. One day, he meets a lone girl, and the story begins as he becomes part of the girl's destiny.

    Манга рассказывает историю одного мальчика, который живет один вдалеке от остальных людей и лелеет одну мечту. Однажды он встречает одинокую девушку, и история начинается, когда он становится частью судьбы девушки.
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    "There is no darkness, but ignorance."
    - William Shakespeare

    Popuko - 14 year-old, short.
    Pipimi - 14 year-old, tall.

    Currently being translated at danbooru.

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  • Anime Season 1 on ANN
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    Braveman is your average superhero. Unfortunately for him, his arch-nemesis also happens to be a stalker and his number one fan. Follow their story as Braveman struggles to overcome his greatest adversary and retain his peace of mind.

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