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redmikan 21 days ago
@COF Oh okay! Thanks a lot! :)
COF 26 days ago
@redmikan The translator of Soukyuu no Ariadne is a freelancer, so the chapters get translated when he has time and wants to work on it. It's not dropped but rather on a hiatus until he does the next chapter
Joe10 27 days ago
Thanks for picking up Shinobuna, I'd had my eye on that a while.
redmikan 27 days ago
Hello! Are you guys still translating "Soukyuu no Ariadne"? Thanks for your hard work by the way!
vigorousjammer 2 months ago
Hope to see you guys release more Kochikame in the future. Your translations for it were excellent! ^_^
BloodOath08 2 months ago
@faniki I'm guessing it was axed, which is a damn shame ;(

Last edited 2 months ago.

DjAlexDubCheck 2 months ago
I just noticed Saotome's chapter 22 is missing
faniki 2 months ago
Oh I see. Sorry to hear, I was enjoying it a bit. I agree, the manga barely lasted a year(I guess sales weren't good..)the mangaka said he'd be back, so maybe next time he'll know what went wrong and can work accordingly. It was his first serialization, I hope it wouldn't bother him too much.
COF 2 months ago

I am afraid we dropped it, the page count and schedule didn't work well for us. Sad regarding its cancellation however.
faniki 3 months ago
Hi, sorry to be a bother. Are you guys still translating Fuaribocchi Sensou/Our Lonely War? From the little Japanese I can understand, the manga ended at chapter 11(I guess it was cancelled?)

Last edited 3 months ago.

DirtyToes 3 months ago
@friedtofu But you guys are SOOO much better at it.... LoL
friedtofu 3 months ago
@Khoaitay2012, I was never involved in discussions between the two groups, but I do know it's been settled. As I understand it, as of now we will no longer scanlate Mairimashita Iruma Kun unless the other group just 100% drops it; it really was just a one-off anyway. In the future, if they were to give us permission, I'm sure we'd pick it up. I'm a huge fan of the series myself.
Khoaitay2012 3 months ago
Are you guys continue with the Mairimashita Iruma kun project? The other team is reaaaally slow and kind of arrogant tbh.
Kevhammmer 4 months ago
Any chance you guys will scanlate the rest of Lovecraft's manga?
dreminh 4 months ago
thank for torako continue
gamakichi 5 months ago
Hi, do we still do Rokudou no onna-tachi? Thank you very much
Thomaster 5 months ago
Oh god. You reminded me of that whole "the pool's closed"-thing. Black person + water... Why does humanity exist?
friedtofu 5 months ago
Plus, we're kinda waiting for that FTP server to go up this weekend :P
friedtofu 5 months ago
It's like when you're getting into the pool, and the waters at your knees, but you don't want to jump in because it's kinda cold. We're right there right now, just gotta take the dive :P
ixlone 5 months ago
Come on in, the water's fine!
friedtofu 5 months ago
More to come. Currently testing the waters.