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Patchouli wonders what the meaning of confectioneries is, and ends up making cookies.

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Remilia invites everyone to an onsen slumber party!
But, what's this? There are rumors of a werewolf?!
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Louise is a student at Tristein Magical Academy. She is known to be quite a screw up when it comes to her magic. One day, a ceremony takes place where each student is to call forth a being or entity that will become his or her familiar. For Louise, her familiar comes in the form of a boy named Hiraga Saito. Somehow, he managed to get transported from his world into hers, and shortly after became her familiar.
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Haruhiko can't stand his tyrannical father, so he leaves home. The life of a super-rich high school student is difficult. By relying on his relatives, he ended up with a large debt... Even with his classmate Yoriko and his maid Nanako helping him out, things just keep happening in his unfamiliar economic lifestyle. It's a promise-filled, high tension, romantic comedy!
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The world as we know it was suddenly altered forever when the door for the dimension of the gods and the door of the dimension of the demons suddenly opened up. Ten years later, a boy named Tsuchimi Rin was entrusted with two princesses from those dimensions. Will he be able to keep his sanity while living with his childhood friend Kaede, trying to live a normal school life, and also being a neighbor to both of princesses and their fathers, the mighty dimension Lords? The hearts of those girls are at stake and only Rin has the key to unlock them.
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Kamizaka Haruhi, having been rescued by a mage when she was young, longed to be a mage herself, so she enrolled into a special school that allows regular and magic classes into two different sections. Together with her rival/best friend, Hiiragi Anri, they study magic together while she is searching for the boy that saved her years ago, to give him a Valentines' chocolate.