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~ We are a group of friends that enjoy good manga and want to spread the joy! ~
~ Nani?! It's manga time! ~

Japanese Henkyou no Roukishi - Bard Roen

  • 9.34
  • 1,391
  • 16,759
  • 22

Abandoning money, fame and honor, the knight Bard embarks on a journey to find his final resting place. Tasting delicious food, admiring the unfamiliar scenery all by himself, his journey to find a place to die quietly begins.
What he doesn't know however, is that this is the beginning of a new adventure for him.

Original Webnovel (Raw)

Japanese Saihate no Paladin

  • 9.04
  • 6,904
  • 173,853
  • 126

William is the lone human in a city of the dead. Born with vague memories of a past life and raised by a group of undead, William must discover what circumstances brought him to this city and these people as well as what it means to not just exist, but to live a full life.

Japanese Buchimaru Chaos

  • 6.55
  • 572
  • 11,593
  • 4

A certain pair of man and woman had committed a grave sin capable of shaking the country... that is "god killing"!? The strongest female ninja and the perverted disciple, a god killing survival!!

Japanese Asmodeus wa Akiramenai

  • 7.95
  • 1,891
  • 29,941
  • 30

The manga centers on a second-year high school student who is standing in for his Catholic priest father to protect their church while his father is away. He saves a troubled beautiful young girl who is in front of his church one day, but she turns out to be the demon Asmodeus.

Japanese Isekai Tensei ni Kansha o

  • 8.00
  • 4,315
  • 70,489
  • 41

In the future, several decades from now, virtual reality (VR) gaming has been finally realized. An old man who has always dreamed of VR finally gets the chance to play. After finishing a fun tutorial, the old man indulges in deep emotions while looking back on life. While enjoying the depth of the game, he begins to notice something strange about the shop owners, and ... he cannot log out? What is this, has he been hacked? No, this is the classic reborn in another world!