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Anna entered the same high school as the person she loved. But that person is in fact her cousin, Reiji. While continuing to conceal her feelings for him, she begins to suspect that Reiji is in love with Rumi, her best friend. But what is Rumi's real secret...?

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Smash! is about two childhood friends (Shouta and Miwa) who share a common love for Badminton. Miwa, who's in love with Shouta, tries to persuade Shouta to apply to the same badminton school as her but the latter being of a carefree, easy-going and dense nature, brushes her away and states that he only plays badminton for fun.

However, Shouta's perspective of badminton quickly changes after a fateful encounter with Yuuhi (a mute girl). In his search for his badminton goddess Yuuhi, Shouta met Anan and thereafter, decides that he's going to pursue badminton more seriously...
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An unknown girl has moved into a supposedly "haunted house" in a seemingly normal neighborhood. However, the girl and her "father" turn out to be Americans escaping from the government and settling in Japan to avoid being detected by the CIA and the US military.

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    Yukimaru Hana is just starting her high school life, when on the way to class she finds what appears to be a corpse beneath a sakura tree! The 'corpse' is the strange executive office president Asukata Ume. Follow Hana as she gets used to her new school with her new friends, the students from the executive office.
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    Hanna inherited her grandfather’s ability to make “elemental dolls,” but he forbade her to do that after she made her first doll, her maid Emily. After he died however, Hanna discovered a strange male “elemental doll” called Will in the basement of her grandfather’s workshop. Who made Will and for what purpose? Why is he calling her “master” and are there others like him? These are only a few of the mysteries Hanna has to solve.

    Based on the Victorian-goth otome girl's game of the same name by Otomate.