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I translate things.
All Twitter manga is done with artist permission.
TheElusiveTaco is my username on reddit.

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love what you do fella
@kris hey thanks for the reply back I appreciate the response! Yeah, just wanted to know its current status. Glad theres some update info atleast! Good luck man
It's on hold until I can get someone (ideally with experience since each chapter is rather long) to clean/redraw and typeset it.
Being a novel adaptation, it also takes significantly longer to translate it compared to most of the other things I do, due to more difficult words and grammar (as well as myself not being at that level).

If Toruneko draws more, then yes!
hello are u gonna continue rinjin elf ?
Is Chocolate confusion gonna have future translations anytime soon or is it dropped?
Dudee thanks dudeee
thank you for your work on Getsuyoubi wa 2-gen kara, I hope you can continue it
Seconding eli's comment: Thank you for working on a manga that would attract few readers (although perhaps the most discerning and empathetic ones out there). Those who prey on society's most helpless are, in my opinion, completely beyond the pale. This manga brings the horror and sociopathic scum that these outcast girls (usually through no fault of their own) have to face. As a vice squad policeman (a real "serve and protect" kind of policeman; not a commode spy) once told me, "After seeing what these bastards do to defenceless kids, I have to believe in Hell, or I wouldn't be able to sleep at night."
Thanks for your work on Nora to Zassou!