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Hello. I dont know where i should write u, but i wanna to retranslate your project into russian Toumei na Ai no Utsuwa. I start translate yet, cos im in love with this project, but i can stop if u dont let me do it.
Is the boys of the dead finished? Anyways thanks for the translations
Hello~ i'm a big fan of Hero Scans!! Especially after reading Hashi no XL Saizu ๐Ÿ˜Wishing the team happiness and health; I love youuuu!!!
That sucks to hear but I waited for the hero scans version , thank you for doing us fans justice
@pastafiesta I'm afraid I can't control what other people post, and no doubt that's the usual 'Cruciatus posting the sex scenes as spoilers', which I'm not happy about for our projects in the first place.
@mngtr Glad you figured it out :)
Actually I have the same problem as @RedHimiko18 for Megumi to Tsugumi @Quietussleeps ๐Ÿ˜…

And I'm pretty sure I didn't blacklist any tags like ecchi or smut. Can someone maybe share the link to the page and maybe I can access it that way? Thank you in advance ^_^

Nvm! Figured it out. Just in case someone else have the same problem: search the manga title on google instead, go to the hero scans tumblr, and click the read here link on the chapter post. To display H, in the settings there's a menu called Hentai Toggle. After it's set to on, you can change the settings using the gear icon on the header. (I was looking in the tags instead)

Thanks for all your hard work! <3
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Hello team hero scans jst wanted to ask when the next chapter of outsider communication will be released theres an account on Twitter that already has like some scenes from later chapters and they are in English
Actually yeah i do. It works today though. I think it might've been a glitch. It was very weird.
@RedHimiko18 do you have your setting set to display Hentai? If you don’t, the chapters won’t show up...
Um just a curious question but do you know why none of the chapters are showing up for Megumi to Tsugumi?

Did they copyright it or something? I know you guys have been doing the translations but nothing is showing in the main page. Keeps saying there is none in my selected languages (and I checked all of the languages as yes to make sure and it still doesn't show).

Your link on your tumblr page to the manga chapter works though. Although it shows the language as Japanese in the symbol for what language it has been translated in but the work itself is in English.
Thank you. I love reading them.
Thank for your hard work on the scans! Make sure to take care of yourselves. <3
hi ya
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