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We love vanilla pornographic (doujinshi) manga. It’s warm and uplifting, frequently romantic, and we think it helps bring a bit of happiness to people. And despite some people’s perception of it, it has plenty of room to be hot, sexy, and arousing; in addition to the warm feelings. Our goal is to spread the love–share the stories we love with everyone. Thus, we scanlate quality vanilla stories, and try to do our best. We hope to be a name you can trust and count on to deliver almost every time.

In a nutshell, we are a manga scanlation group/collective dedicated to translating vanilla hentai manga/doujinshi. Be warned that all of our releases are pornographic in nature.

…To reiterate, we only work on vanilla stories. Rest assured that none of our releases will contain cheating, netorare, multiple men having sex with one woman, rape, etc. etc.

We made our first release under the “Team Koinaka” banner on 2014 March 5, Kawaisounako’s “Clumsy Girl”. But the idea for the group was conceived much earlier, and plans to bring it to fruition started around December 2013. For whatever reason it took some time before we got off the ground. …And that’s all I have to say about that.

“Koinaka” (コイナカ) is the name of a tankoubon by the artist Lunch (らんち). It’s one of the finest vanilla tankoubon, and I highly encourage everyone to read it if they haven’t before. There’s a bit of wordplay in the title: 恋仲 (koinaka) means “love relationship”, and it’s ostensibly what the title refers to, but in fact it is written 恋膣 (koinaka), which is “love pussy”. In short, it’s a name that suggests pure love, but written in a vulgar manner.