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Avatar A-tan 20 hrs ago
@rhino36 Sorry for the late reply but thanks for letting me know! Thank you still for all your work : )
Avatar rhino36 12 days ago
@A-tan We're not really looking into picking up new stuff right now. We're already kinda in over our heads. Maybe when Chio-chan is finally finished.
Avatar A-tan 14 days ago
hey guys, have you thought of picking up Totsukuni no Shoujo? Nobody is translating it ever since the last group dropped it.

Last edited 20 hrs ago by A-tan.

Avatar ForgottenSubs 14 days ago
While I love it, I wonder why #dropout never afraid of licensed series.
Avatar A-tan 25 days ago
Thanks for picking up WHA! Also random but what was the font used on the red page of chapter 20? The one w white~
Avatar Cinsyac 1 mo ago
Thanks a lot for picking up Witch Hat Atelier. Wonderful manga, I really appreciate your work on it!
Avatar gasbandit 3 mo ago
Man, you guys really crank out the updates. Appreciate ya.
Avatar TheFiller 6 mo ago
thank you for Kishuku Gakkou no Juliet
Avatar Tyrn 8 mo ago
Thanks for all your work scanlating tomo!
Avatar chiruru 8 mo ago
chiruru was here.
Avatar Zekken 8 mo ago
Great... Thank you!
Avatar EroGin 8 mo ago
lead da wae
Avatar Tiamo 8 mo ago
Avatar kozna 8 mo ago