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Ordinary high school student Lu Qing Yu and the elegant university teaching assistant, Cheng Jing. Their encounters was definitely not by chance or just a coincidence. Due to their previous generation's old grudges and grievances had made them unable to live tranquilly and peacefully. He, who took great pains and had ransacked his brain over trying to make the star fall from the sky, but was enthralled and mesmerized by the star instead; The other him who was ignorant, trusted him wholeheartedly and faithfully, staying completely oblivious to the fact that this was all just a trap meticulously and carefully designed especially for him...
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A highly educated and wealthy elite who suffers from Haphephobia(fear of touching or of being touched) is forced by his grampa to work in the countryside for a few months if he wants to inherit the company. There he meets an ordinary, kind-hearted man.
When the hot headed cat met the cheeky dog ... what kind of sparks will it burst out?
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Qi An is living a double life working two jobs to pay for his sick father's medical care. By day he's a timid, bespectacled office worker, at night he transforms into Yi You, a gorgeous singer who is #1 at the Chaos gay bar. When You Du, an old flame from Qi An's past, pays an exuberant amount of money for an evening with "Yi You", the two men spend a passionate night together. The magic dissolves the next day, however, when Qi An goes into the office and finds out that You Du has become his new boss!
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Ele, que é inocente e tímido, começou a desenvolver sentimentos pelo representante de sua classe, mas o representante tem suas emoções em altos e baixos! Ah, será que na primeira primavera de sua vida, poderá dar frutos?

Nt. Essa história é dividida em duas etapas: eles jovens e a idade adulta.
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