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You can call me leaf.

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Nah boi, I'm just uploading the series that I'm doing.
I can make the full resolution versions of High School Taoist available here, and I like Mangadex to begin with.

Leaf has her own reasons for not wanting to upload here, which is why the rest of the series stopped.
Since there's nothing else here to say it at the moment: This group has decided to stop uploading to Mangadex. Not sure if they intend to remove the old chapters at all or not, just that they don't intend to use this place anymore going forward. Still active, but they took their ball and went home as it were.

Edit: 23 days after I post this, something gets uploaded by the group anyway. I dunno if they changed their mind, or if someone in the group that spoke to me when I asked wasn't actually in agreement with others in the group, or whatever. Either way, don't @ me about it, I dunno what happened.
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Will you ever upload Goddess Creation System to here? I tried reading from your site but your ads block off most of the pages for me.
you skipped Martial God's Space chapter 43
Did these guys drop Martial God's Space?
Thanks you are awesome !!
thank you for being the savior, i hate the other leaf ( bring out the translations but so long to update )
Thank you
will you guys consider re-doing all the Feng Qi Cang Lan LQs to HQ?