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A message from outer space... July 7th, 2035, the appointed day. 15 year old Maho Shirafune is following his dream, to become an astronaut and make it there, that day, to Mars! Can Maho and his friends overcome the many obstacles that stand in their way?!!

Spanish / Español
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Kamijou is the envy of all of his coworkers. At the office, he can solve any problem. Outside, he is chased by every girl under the sun. Kamijou, however, only has eyes for one girl: Xianglan, a Chinese immigrant who works as a waitress in the local Chinese restaurant. She can't see him as anything other than a customer, and her lack of fluency in Japanese prevents her from understanding him. Will Kamijou manage to woo Xianglan, or is he forever fated to fail?
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Yoh is the only human being living in a strange town that exists somewhere between our world and the Twilight World. Residing in this town are spiritual manifestations of real world objects that have been forgotten or thrown away by people. Yoh owns a lifelike doll named Ian who has the special ability to take pictures of other beings’ memories. With her help he is running a photo studio called “Fuguruma.” The manga revolves around those specters who seek the studio’s service and the stories they have to tell…
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Every year, Lord Nicola A. Bradherley, one of Europe's leading aristocrats, sends his coach round to various orphanges to adopt young girls and trains them to join his opera troupe. But most of these girls never make it onto the stage a far more sinister fate awaits them, sacrificed in the name of the greater good.

WARNING: Contains strong sexual themes, not for the faint hearted.
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Koizumi Yuta is a 14 year old boy who has quite a bit of a problem. The princess of the demon world, Lucia, has to procreate with him. That child would have the ability to engulf the entire world for 7 whole days. Mikamoto El and Kasukabe Rie are the two angels assigned to make sure that doesn't happen. Kasukabe Rie happens to be the girl he likes. Just how is he going to survive this ordeal?
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Ninomiya Naoto has just gained his license for working as a male nurse and is now looking for a job. Luckily for him, Sakajou Saori, the doctor known for her "batting treatment" is willing to lend him a hand.
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We came from the far future, where most of the adults have disappeared as if they vanished into thin air and all of the children are managed by a few adults. To discover the cause behind human extinction and to evade it from that root cause... That's what we had jumped to the past for, supposedly.

A boy sitting in the seats of a movie theater fidgets with his cellphone. "Before aptitude or anything, trying to change the future with just five kids? You would think there's a limit to lack of planning," he typed on his cellphone.

The boys wonder if they had really come to the past. Why? Because, ever since they arrived, they haven't stepped one foot outside this theater.

Note: This manga is included as a bonus with the limited OVA Blu-ray disc.
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Two souls are linked by a heirloom rose garden.