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A group that scanlates any kind of interesting manga.

Want to help out? Send us an application over on our site!

Want to translate our scans into another language? Feel free! Credit is appreciated, but not required. We do not own any releases.

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Avatar havelmom 8 mo ago
I really wish kumika would be put on the after burner since it's 2 volumes behind
But demanding anything would be a crime, the releases are great, with great quality, and much appreciated
Great work
Avatar moozooh 8 mo ago
Amazing work on Grand Blue, I can hardly imagine an official translation being superior.
Avatar FlintlockHS 8 mo ago
is this where we get mousou
Avatar Nalapl3 8 mo ago
>Also a group of professional shitposters.
finally a group for me
Avatar EroGin 8 mo ago
No more Grand Blue update from you guys T^T
Avatar IAmAlreadyAGod 8 mo ago
Good to see Helvetica here! Hope you guys and MangaDex stick around.
Avatar qwuzzy 8 mo ago
Avatar Ansh 8 mo ago
Avatar NZPIEFACE 8 mo ago
Ah yes, our Lord and Saviours.