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A small group scanning mostly light-hearted comedies and SoLs.

(Missing) Judy: translator & quality checker
SandyBleach: proofreader
Tsuu: editor , redrawer
Harutora: typesetter & moderator
(Missing) Kuroto: typesetter
(Missing) Don: translator
(Missing) Sixthenafour: translator

Currently recruiting:
- TRANSLATORS for Hiru to Yoru no Oishii Jikan and Tsukumogami Pompom

Update from Harutora 3/17/19
The owner, Judy, has been missing since January and we do not know where she is. The last time she told us around December was that she was busy at work. Now it's been almost 3 months and we have no whereabouts of where the owner is. So if you sent messages of joining, unfortunately, you may not receive a reply till she's back.

Update from Harutora 7/11/19
There are still no updates or news on where Judy is. We are going to keep the group up until we finish everything and the group will be shut down or place on a indefinite inactivity till the owner comes back.
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