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    Sorry for those that have commented.. (I'm the type that rarely check on Pm/Comments)

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    Avatar BDM130 21 days ago
    Y’all still translating Pslace Meidi?
    Avatar minazukiCuumi 3 mo ago
    @missmystery1994 Check Dm plez ^^

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    Avatar AthalosJ 3 mo ago
    are you guys going to do toaru ossan chapter 41
    Avatar icelord 3 mo ago

    Last edited 3 mo ago by MangaDex.

    Avatar cupkate 4 mo ago
    I want to offer you guys help with the project. But I don't know how to actually talk to you guys.
    Avatar cupkate 4 mo ago
    Hey, I want to talk to you about Honey Come Honey, is there a way to like IM you?

    Last edited 4 mo ago by MangaDex.