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    Proofreader recruitment

    I am from Dayment scans, and we are recruiting the proofreaders right now.

    You must be strong at grammar. You must be a native english speaker. You must know how to make the text flow well and sound natural.

    If you have time to finish proofreading one or two chapter every week, please send me a message to join us.

    If you want us to release Yukan club or Go Hiromi go! or Natural more faster, and if you are a native English speaker and are good at grammar, please join us as a proofreader.
    We can release Yukan club or Go Hiromi Go! or Natural faster, if we have a proofreader.

    We work with mostly shoujo manhwa, so it would be nice if you like shoujo manhwa.

    Here is a list of our ongoing projects.

    Please contact me through this link.
    2 days ago
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