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    From Megchan:
    Arisa Kurosaki lives on a coffee plantation in Hawaii with her parents, Lu Mei and Ken, and her younger brother Shinji. With her ability to sense the spiritual power of mana, she has often been called the dragon's daughter, but for the most part she's just an ordinary teenage girl. That is, until a boy claiming to be the son of her parents' old friend comes to Hawaii from China just to warn her that she's in danger…
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    Jun Kishida is a sickly high school student who can see dead people. One person in particular is following him around: his childhood friend Ryoko Hayakawa. Even after he uncovered the truth behind Hayakawa's death, she stayed by his side. As he and his classmates get into even more strange and mortally dangerous situations, Hayakawa's spirit quietly aids him.

    Volume 4 contains the oneshot "The Mysterious Tale of Yumi-chan"
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    The remarried mother. After their divorce, the father who has gone to live with his boyfriend. Living surrounded by such a family, high schooler Mayuko is now at the height of her adolescence. Beginning with Mayuko's "runaway", various lives intersect; these are the runaway stories which will seep into your heart.

    Musume no Iede is very much so a collection of "the life and times" of the multitude of characters we are introduced to. From the group of friends that are children of broken families calling themselves "the Divorcees", to the overweight boy who has a chubby-chaser girlfriend, to the girl who suddenly loses her place in school and the teacher who tries to help, to the gay brother whose sister discovers she's not so different, to the idol mulling over re-uniting with his estranged mother, and so on. These are all varying tales thinly connected by a thread, tangling all over to bring forth an organic, messy, cluster of characters from the mind of Shimura Takako.
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    Hino is obsessed with playing sports in high school, but not because he loves sports (he doesn't), or is any good at them (he's really not). He's doing it because that's the way to get a girlfriend (or so he thinks). After getting kicked out of half his school's sports clubs, he's still convinced he just hasn't found the sport he's truly destined for. When he (literally) runs into Noborito Ayako, manager of the rubgy club, it's love at first sight (for him), but all she's looking for is another warm body for the struggling rugby club. Could this be the chance he's been waiting for?
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    This is a story of a group of college-age people who struggle with gender and sexual identity. Yuki (nicknamed Yoshiki) is a girl, but she is terrible at 'being feminine.' She mostly dresses like a boy and is often mistaken as one. However, she has to wear a skirt and imagine being dominated by a guy in order to masturbate. Nagao Mikako seems young and innocent, and she uses that apparent innocence to sell her body as a fake 15-year-old. She knows her youthfulness can't last forever, but she enjoys tricking the men. Her friends have no idea of her sexual habits and believe her to be sweet and sheltered. Aiba Kaito is a pretty good-looking guy, but he wants to be Nagao Mikako. He often dresses as a girl, picking out clothes that mimic Mikako's style. Though he's into cross-dressing, he is still attracted to women. Will these young adults and their friends be able to handle their 'guilty secrets' and muddle their way through this confusing period of their lives?
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    The story follows a girl named Mame, whose family runs a public bath in Tokyo. She has held on to feelings of unrequited love for her childhood friend for twenty years.
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    Nishioka Kyoudai's anti-war epic, told in their signature surrealist style.

    A man wakes up one morning to find the world outside of his house a wasteland. As he searches for signs of life, he finds a fetus in a ditch, which promptly latches onto his thumb and won't let go, and things only get stranger from there...
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    19-year-old Roji Shizuru has a crush on a fellow university student, Nana, but there always seems to be complications when he tries to get closer to her. For one thing, he's afraid his hot friend Tachibana Masaki will steal her. Beyond that, the main complication comes from the interference of children, specifically one odd child called Maida Kokoro, who keeps clinging to Shizuru and calling him 'mama.'
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    Another detective has set up an agency right next to Ukai's own, and it turns out to be none other than his old high school classmate, Kondou, aka Chikamichi. Easily dodging all of Ukai's protests, Chikamichi begins to help with commissions until he ends up becoming a fixture in Ukai's life.

    Back in high school, Chikamichi had placed a firm distance between the two of them, which shocked Ukai a bit. What could be the reason behind Chikamichi's reappearance?
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    Pro wrestler Fuji Kaoru disappeared one day during a match. Now five years later she shows up again at her old gym unnanounced, with her five-year-old daughter in tow. But not everyone is ready to welcome her back with open arms, especially her former best friend Yuri, whose anger and hurt at Kaoru's betrayal are far deeper than Kaoru ever imagined.
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    Then I stood up and began my life.
    To get revenge on the world.

    The latest work by the Nishioka Siblings depicts the gruesome life story of a ruthless and brilliant serial killer as he grows up from a sociopathic child to a messiah-like figure.
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    Saint Oniisan is slice-of-life or divine-life, tale of Jesus and Buddha as they try to experience the modern world, in this case, Japan. The manga places a funny twist on religion, attitudes, culture and customs in Japan through the eyes of Jesus and Buddha.
    You see Jesus and Buddha experiencing Asakusa, public baths, theme parks, and the internet. Throughout the manga, we get a little history of their divine greatness only to see their apparent insignificance in modern Japanese society. Suffice to say, before people can recognize that they're actually Jesus and Buddha, people think of them as someone who looks like Johnny Depp or a guy with a button on his forehead. For real.

    Saint Oniisan received the 2009 Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize for Short Work Manga.

    Nominated for the 2nd Manga Taisho Award (2009).
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    Sequel to Seinen Hakkaten and Yakedo to Tsumeato that wraps up the stories for both couples.
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    Teshima Hibari is a 14-year-old girl with a body that is more sensual than most girls her age. Her story includes the opinions and reactions of all of the people around her, as well as the actions of her own life. The chapters explore the thoughts and feelings of classmates and adults, men and women. The males often have romantic or sexual feelings for Hibari, while the women sometimes have feelings of inferiority or jealousy. Whether positive or negative, it seems everyone has a reaction to Hibari.
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    Various unconnected oneshots from different years in the author's career.
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    Gion Kenji is short and perpetually pissed off about it. Iwashimizu Sumiaki is tall but timid. Although it's bullies that bring this unlikely pair together on the first day of high school, it's the rugby club that will make them friends.

    See AnimeNewsNetwork for the anime.
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    A collection of short stories.
    1-5. Kawaii Akuma
    6. Atashi no Natsuyasumi
    7. Suteki na Ano Ko
    8. Chuugakusei
    9. Toaru Hi
    10. Henshin
    11. Fushou no Musuko / Unworthy Son
    Shinichi works as a mangaka's assistant while trying to get published himself, but his determination falters when his father gets remarried…to a teacher Shinichi had a crush on years ago and who was the inspiration for his first manga. If he gives up on his hopeless crush, will he still find inspiration for drawing?
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    The story of a woman who asks the lesbian who is in love with her to kill her husband and live their life on the road after the deed is done.
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    Takao is nearly abducted, and Toraji's flower shop suffers from an attack. Kotarou, who thinks the events are connected to the yakuza and therefore his fault, wants to respond. However, he ends up having his first fight with Toraji instead. On the other end, Yuzuru is worried about Takao, who seems to be troubled by something, and he wants to test Takao's feelings for him.
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    Everything fell apart after the miscarriage of Nori's sister. Her husband left her and she was reduced to a depressed shut-in. One day she suddenly brought home a cute little girl called Yumi-chan, who was supposed to be her friend's kid. Nori's sister soon regained her smile, but Nori felt something was off with Yumi-chan, and the rest of her family.
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    A collection of one-shots:

    1. Tensei:
    The day Shinohara Chiaki met Gotou-kun was in April during her second year of high school. The new class lists had just been posted and she was nervous that she would not know anyone. Gotou, the school judo star, instantly introduced her to lots of people and made her feel at ease. To Chiaki, Gotou-kun was like a impressively bright blue sky. But one day, during one of his judo matches...

    2. One and Only:
    Matsumoto Rika was on her way to her part-time job as a waitress at a restaurant when in her rush, she yanked open a door right into a guy's face. The guy glared at her in pain and in surprise and embarrassment, she ran away while barely apologizing. She hoped she would not ever have to see him again, but when she arrived at work...

    3. Aishitekurenai:
    Fukazawa Akira is dating Yasuda Tatsurou, but Akira is worried that Yasuda doesn't actually like her all that much. It's been a few weeks now since she asked him out, but nothing romantic has happened between them. In addition, she always sees him spending more time with an older friend of theirs named Yuka-chan-senpai, who he had a crush on in the past. Is Yasuda just using Akira to get over Yuka-chan-senpai?
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    The story of a young boy who decides to commit suicide, only to find himself in a strange world after his death, told in the form of a picture book.
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    Collection of stories.
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    In junior high, Aikou had a crush on his tutor that ended badly. Now in high school, he's joined a "kiss club" at a local bar to try and relearn about love, starting with the basics. While holding up a "free kisses" sign in the park one day, he's spotted by Eisuke, a boy from his school. Intrigued by Aikou's sign, Eisuke impulsively kisses him. Could this kiss be Aikou's chance to start over?
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    IS (Pronounced Aiesu in Japanese) is not your everyday manga. This manga strictly deals with cases of intersexuality. IS stands for Inter Sexuality.

    This manga deals with very serious issues concerning intersexual people. The pain they go through, the troubles they confront, and ultimately their inability to reproduce and even find a partner who will accept them as they are - It's all there in a form of manga.

    First volume has different cases but from volume two onwards manga becomes a longer tale of Hoshino Haru, IS and their life, trials and tribulations towards the adulthood.
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    A collection of twelve dreamlike stories by Nishioka Kyoudai.
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    The drama club at Ouka Academy has a yearly tradition of putting Anton Chekhov's The Cherry Orchard every year for the school's founding day festival. These four interwoven tales of love and friendship focus on four girls in the drama club as they prepare for this year's presentation.
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    Five short stories:
    - A Can of Happiness
    - Boys Just Don't Understand
    - A Million Words
    - The Opposite of Love is Hate
    - I'll Always Be Here
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    Satoru, Hikari, and Ogami are three sisters whose dad is a Buddhist priest. They all have different views on living in a temple. Satoru, the oldest, doesn't really mind, but she wants to be a doctor, so her focus is medical school. Ogami, the youngest, hates it and goes to a school far away so that none of her classmates will know about her family. Hikari, the middle sister, loves it, and since both her sisters are uninterested in taking over from their dad, she is the de facto heir.
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    In a small town in Tokyo, the PTA argues about teaching sex ed in elementary school, but what nobody knows is that eleven-year-old Haruna is already pregnant. When she decides not to tell any adults, it's up to her classmates to help her through this ordeal.

    Note: This is not loli. Sex happens off-screen and the artwork is not fan-servicey.
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    Arisue Sei lived as happily as any normal kid would, just him and his mother -- a particularly private woman -- on an outlying island of Okinawa. There were also his friends Toichi and Moichi. The only unusual things about Sei were his sharp instincts and high intelligence. But everything changed when his mother was killed and he was kidnapped by the people of Neo Genesis. Now, six years after the kidnapping, Arisue Sei has returned to Japan with the title of "Doctor" at only the age of 18, and he's not the Sei that his friends remember. There are bodyguards with him who protect him from others who wish to possess his superb intellect. He says he's come back to assist with the research at Rakuhoku University, where Moichi now works, but here is where the door to Sei's secrets just begins to open...

    In 2002 Yasha series received the 47th annual Shogakukan Manga Award for shoujo.
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    To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Azumanga Daioh, the manga is being repackaged into a new three-volume set, which will include three chapters of new material called Supplementary Materials.

    Each new chapter covers one year of high school, with all new adventures for Sakaki, Yomi, Tomo, Chiyo, Osaka, and Kagura.
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    Collection of surreal stories.
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    Adaptation of Franz Kafka's stories.

    1. The Cares of a Family Man
    2. The Metamorphosis
    3. The Bucket Rider
    4. Jackals and Arabs
    5. A Fratricide
    6. The Vulture
    7. Country Doctor
    8. A Hunger Artist
    9. In the Penal Colony