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We only do gฬถoฬถoฬถdฬถ cooking manga.
Your waifu is an awful chef.

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You guys are amazing! I initially didn't even believe you were only two people because your GK translations are so consistently polished and skillful. My favorite thing about you guys, and what sets you apart from other Scanlation groups, are your easy-to-digest and factual glossaries which further absorbs the reader into the deliciously rich world of post-war Japan. We would love the chance to show thanks and interview Apoptosis and HouseOfGlass in the GK Discord (https://discord.gg/) if you ever feel up to it. Thanks again for the amazing translations and helping to create such a welcoming and warm Eng GK family <3
From the bottom of my heart, thanks for all the hard work you do putting these great mangas out there!
Thanks so much for doing such an incredible job on Dungeon Meshi. I cannot rant enough about how much I love Ryoko Kui's works, and you have such a high quality scanlation.

You guys are amazing.
^ literally =D
Great taste in manga, guys!