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    I want to be a cheesecake.

    Japanese Isekai Omotenashi Gohan

    • 8.62
    • 2,267
    • 26,889
    • 19

    Akane, an ordinary office lady, gets summoned to a different world along with her younger sister and pet dog. There, she ends up treating rare guests one after another with hospitality through meals!! Can she satisfy the denizens of a different world with home cooking...?!

    Serialized In (magazine): Young Ace Up (Kadokawa)

    Japanese Spring Snow

    • 7.73
    • 230
    • 8,758
    • 7

    This story is a love story weaved by a cursed girl, a cursed straw doll, and a mathematics teacher. A slightly sorrowful, warm love story that started in the season of spring.

    Japanese Kochou no Yumeji

    • 8.86
    • 556
    • 13,356
    • 3

    She wakes up finding herself in a town of youkai... a Japanese-style fantasy interwoven with youkai.

    Japanese KAKAO 79%

    • 9.23
    • 1,250
    • 40,707
    • 13

    The story of the bittersweet youth of two childhood friends.

    Japanese Otonari Complex

    • 8.32
    • 1,438
    • 24,650
    • 12

    Kuji Akira and Ninomiya Makoto have been neighbours and friends from childhood. Akira is handsome and Makoto is pretty but Akira's a girl and Makoto's a boy... Their feelings for each other are growing more complex just as they are finding themselves the focus of romantic interest of their friends and acquaintances.

    Korean That House Where I Live With You

    • 8.00
    • 158
    • 3,095

    Hana becomes the substitute landlady of the sharehouse her parents were managing.
    She's all exhilarated to get the rental income-- at least, that's the plan. Oh dear, there's no rental income?!
    At her wit's end, Hana puts her parents' vacant room for rent.
    A sweet and bittersweet love comedy that unfolds at the sharehouse.

    Japanese Back Alley Life

    • 9.37
    • 953
    • 9,859

    A delinquent boy and a cat-like girl.
    Though he declares that he will chase her out for sure today, they are living together again today.

    Japanese Kazekanata

    • 0.00
    • 46
    • 799

    Do you have a song that has left an impact on your heart?
    Do you have a secret you can't tell anyone?
    A slightly heartrending love story.

    Japanese Otometic Syndrome

    • 8.33
    • 395
    • 2,828
    • 1

    Tachibana Otome, a 16-year-old otaku girl whose dream guy has "Blonde Hair and Blue Eyes," suddenly meets just that type of person in real life when Towada Oji transfers into her class... How will it go for her?

    Japanese Koe Koi

    • 7.75
    • 505
    • 4,078
    • 4

    The slightly unusual Matsubara-kun and Yuiko-chan's slightly unusual high school life.

    Japanese Cherry Blossom-Colored You

    • 7.00
    • 59
    • 1,409

    I'll keep on living together with you.

    Japanese Soushi Souai

    • 7.62
    • 988
    • 7,440
    • 4

    A cute, inevitable, warm love story between a blond delinquent boy and a black-haired serious girl.

    Japanese A Rainy Town - Challenge

    • 6.50
    • 21
    • 1,361

    It always rains in that place.
    Gentle days and emotions, hidden by the kind rain.

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