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I do all sorts of genres and themes, maybe the kitchen sink too...

Occasionally fast, mostly slow, I'm for the most part, a one person circus, and suffering from real bad carpal tunnel in my dominant hand. Scanlation doesn't pay, people... Only if you're a masochist.

Releases only happen when my hand is not hurting like crazy.

I badshit hate comments thats like "finally, an update, omg an update, when will this get a chapter, please update <insert manga name> again, etc"... yeah, about less whinging and more helping so you know, i can do this faster??? Just saying. dont bitch if you dont even want to lift a finger.

If you've got no patience to wait, don't read any of the stuff i am translating. periodt

You can visit my blog if you are impatient cause it will be there 3 days in advance before appearing on mangadex. NO ADS, NO HIDDEN SHIT.
I just like visitors.
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