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Doujins de Touhou, nenas lindas y mangas raros
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In the distant future, a new life form called Houseki (gems) are born. The 28 Houseki must fight against the moon dwellers who want to attack them and turn them into decorations, thus each gem is assigned a role such as a fighter or a medic. Though they hope to fight the moon dwellers, Phos is a gem who is given no assignment until the gems' master Adamantine asks them to write an encyclopedia.

  • Nominated for the 8th Manga Taisho Awards in 2014.
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    Hark! The city is in peril! Who you gonna call? Colors! Sacchan, Yui and Kotoha are here to protect the city, solving mysteries and battling enemies with help from their friends. But their quest isn't an easy one as their arch-nemesis Saitou, the violent police officer of Ueno, meets them at every turn.
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    Sakuma Yukari decided to start a band on her own after seeing a certain band during the Sakura High School festival, then with her best friend Shimizu Kaede, they want to join the Light Music Club only to discover that in their school there isn't a club like that. With help from Sawabe Maho, they discover there is a Light Music Appreciation Society with only one member, Satou Riko.
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    Ongoing Touhou manga from Ashiyama Yoshinori published in the Strange Creators of Outer World magazine.
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    The eccentric Dr. Tamaki is doing brain research. Hashi, 19 and a half, has a small fragment of a car that remained in his brain after an accident, and since then he can't help but say out loud everything he thinks and feels . Hana, 21, has unexpected orgasms anytime, anywhere, even in public. The brain of 6 year old Mari cannot perceive the people around her, she lives in an isolated world where there is no other human being apart from her. Hideo, 10, says he has "super powers," and can "get in touch with aliens and God."
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    A new interpretation of Yamamoto Shuguro’s period novel Chiisakobe, transplanting the original Edo era in a modern setting. A young carpenter, Shigeji, who lost his parents and his father’s building company called Daitome in a fire, swears to himself he will rebuild the company according to the words of his father, Tomezoh, “What is important for people throughout the ages is humanity and strength of will”. He hires Ritsu, who has no place to go, as an assistant at Daitome. Some children from an orphanage, who lost their home, also show up at Daitome.
    The bearded young carpenter’s decision to take over his family’s business is a drama filled with the milk of human kindness.

    Won the 44th Angoulême award for foreign series.
    • -- (8.26)
    • 7,409
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    The same highschool, the same class, and houses next to another. Jun and Kaoru are childhood friends with a secret everyone knows about... New series from the author of Kanojo wa Rokurokubi. The artist is working on this series, published in Bessatsu Shounen Magazine, as well as Ka「」Ku「」Shi「」Go「」To「, published in Gekkan Komikku @ Banchi, simultaneously.
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    The story of an orphanage, the children who live in it, and the beat-up old Nissan Sunny 1200 which provides a trio of boys with a means of escape from their bleak everyday lives.
    • -- (8.85)
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    • 123,318
    • 15
    In this 10 volume official Touhou series, spanning the time period of long nine years between the UFO and WBaWC games, we follow the misadventures of the business inept shrine maiden Reimu Hakurei and her ever-curious friend Marisa Kirisame, who meet a mysterious, young hermit woman named Ibara Kasen.

    Upon seeing how sloppily the Hakurei Shrine conducts its business, she decides to become a regular shrine visitor, determined to lend her near unlimited wisdom to the shrine maiden, in order to make her place a proper Shinto Shrine. Does the nagging, yet well meaning hermit bring nothing but good-will with her advice, or is there something more sinister hiding behind the friendly face and her bandaged arm?
    • -- (8.29)
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    Two volumes containing a total of seven short stories by Ichikawa Haruko; each volume has its own title. Volume 1, Mushi to Uta. In chapter 1, Star Lover, a boy visits his uncle after a long absence to learn — among other unnerving facts — that his uncle apparently now has a daughter. In chapter 3, The Kusaka Siblings, an injured high school pitcher returns home and is confronted with the most unlikely of creatures. In chapter 4, Insects and Songs, an insect expert works to create new species.

    Volume two, 25-ji no Vacances, contains three stories. Chapters 1 & 2, A 25-Hour Vacation: A brilliant researcher invites her brother out to celebrate his 20th birthday. However, her true goal lies in the pursuit of the rarest of creatures. Chapter 3, On Pandora: A mute freshman joins an academy on Pandora, Saturn’s Moon, and takes a keen interest in the delinquent senior Nijou. Chapter 4, A Lunar Funeral: A runaway genius gets taken in by a young man with far greater secrets.
    • -- (8.23)
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    • 87,869
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    In a small provincial town filled with a spirit of preservation for a traditional performance art called, "Owara," arrives Hotaruko, a transfer student from Tokyo. When a local boy named Hikaru catches her in an awkward stance in - what was supposed to be - an empty classroom, they form a strange bond. What's more, their bond makes way for an unexpected development?

    • -- (8.31)
    • 3,159
    • 98,994
    • 21
    The story concerns the daily life of young up-and-coming mangaka living together in an all female dormitory.

    Portuguese / Português
    A vida diária de garotas mangakás vivendo juntas em um dormitório.
    • -- (8.44)
    • 3,139
    • 88,074
    • 27
    Ghosts can't be seen.
    Ghosts can't be touched.
    We don't even know if they exist.
    Onda Iko is a middle school student.
    Onda Iko can see ghosts.
    And there's one... haunting Onda Iko's room.
    The adventure story about boys, girls and ghosts starts here!
    • -- (8.75)
    • 3,678
    • 52,307
    • 27
    This is a collection of one-shots from Dowman Sayman. It contains short stories about serial killers finding love, historical figures brought back from the dead, a clever take on the the September 11th attack, yaoi fan-girl ghosts making suggestions to the men she watches, and everything in between.
    • -- (8.50)
    • 1,465
    • 60,221
    • 18
    The long-awaited return of the classic Three Fairies manga, the Touhou manga that started it all. Sunny, Star, Luna, and newcomer Clownpiece hang out in Gensokyo and play pranks. What more do you want?
    • -- (8.81)
    • 1,724
    • 32,419
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    Touhou official comic published by Kadokawa in Comp Ace that began publishing on October 26, 2012. The story is written by ZUN, with illustrations by Moe Harukawa. It introduces a human book renter and collector Kosuzu Motoori as the main character, with the story centered around her mysterious ability to decipher any book no matter the language or script, and her assortment of various rare and dangerous demon books.
    • -- (8.73)
    • 4,734
    • 71,149
    • 33
    Compilation of manga essays originally published on Pixiv.

    The personal story of an aspiring mangaka: a 28-year-old college dropout who's led a lonesome, unfulfilling life and who has never had sex or even allowed herself to think about sex outside of reading BL. For many years she's been on the path to self-destruction until she realizes that she needs to begin truly living before it's too late. So, on a whim, she solicits the services of a female sex worker.
    • -- (7.78)
    • 45
    • 2,960
    Weed tasting and psychedelic experiences in Gensoukyo.
    • -- (0.00)
    • 42
    • 3,130
    A self-help brochure parody featuring touhou characters.
    • -- (8.22)
    • 1,316
    • 20,200
    • 8
    The bizarre everyday life stories of the citizens of a coastal port town, Daidai.
    • -- (7.89)
    • 343
    • 9,751
    • 2
    The official bi-annual Touhou magazine featuring various interviews, showcases, previews with ZUN, the Tasofro crew and his dedicated artists. Also a comes with a section for non-canon doujin comics.

    More details on Touhou Wiki:
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    Hikoichi is extremely reliant on his microwave, which takes the form of a girl.