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Timeless Scans started in August 2015 as a two-man group. Currently, we are a really close, and chatty, team of over 30 people, and growing. We love to talk to our readers, so you can always hit us up on our public Discord and chat with us, which is over 1000 people and counting. There is almost always a team member available and online in our public discord so if you have any questions about any of our releases, or just general questions, you can get an answer pretty much right away. You can also suggest future projects you’d like to see us take on. We are a nice, close-knit group, with five friendly mods who are available to ensure that the chat is always welcoming and friendly, so don’t be shy and come on by!

We hope to see you soon in our Discord and as always we hope you'll keep supporting and reading our future releases!

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I live under a rock so can someone go on like discord or something and ask if they could make something like Naruto,or IDK I just wanna see something that plays on Netflix that i've watched that has a manga
I like the Hyakunikichan!! its adorable
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Ore yome. Ore no yome ni nare yo. This was really good and I'm hooked. Sadly timeless scans stopped translating even though it was one of my favorites. I live in a country where Mangas are not available so I have no other way to read it but from these wonderful people that translate it for free so people in my situation can enjoy reading. Anyhow, thank you for your hard work on this one timeless scans. I really wish you would change your mind and continue on with the project. Thank you for all you've done and still doing and that is spreading joy!
sorry for asking!but you guys claim to accept suggestion of future projects,there is any change of you guys translating this manga is a josei so I'm Pretty sure no scanlation will ever pick it up nor it will ever be release in any foreign market:
Heya, I just noticed that the chapters you did for Ore Monogatari!! aren't uploaded here. (Just happened to notice it when I was recommending the series to someone, and seeing how many chapters had been scanlated.)
@scarlet_summer thank you for your support ^^ I feel the same thing!

@Ooweeoo you're welcome, thanks for reading as well! We are planning to. In case you haven't known yet, I will answer it here: Unfortunately currently we lack the team to do so thus we don't know whether we'll do it or not :(
Thanks you very much for translating the Jinrou Games series. I've been thoroughly enjoying them. Now that Beast Side is nearing the conclusion, will you be continuing the series and doing Jinrou Game: Crazy Fox?
Thank you so so so MUCH for translating Atsu-Yome!!!! You are doing God's work for us peasants! Nishiki is so adorable, and she is definitely someone to root for! Atsumori is equally interesting. I'm so looking forward to how the story unfolds!
Hi, @comadrin

I want to thank you for the time you took to write this and thank you even more for the compliment. We always try to get the best QL and TL to the readers as we can! I can't thank you enough for reading our work and good pick like baby a lot too nice are and nice story.

Have a great day!
Just want to tell you folks how much I appreciate your work on Tsukikage Baby. I'm a total Kodama Yuki fan, and was really happy when this manga showed up after Sakamichi no Apollon was completed. Thanks for going after the quality stuff vice the mindless fluff! I also have to compliment and thank you for your excellent translation and grammar. I'm not really a "grammar nazi," but I love wonderful translations and proper usage, both of which your group dishes out in spades! Thanks, and keep up the good work.
@ookura We did not do this manga from ch one so we are not posting it but normally you can read it another site. @cooltea Thank you for reading it!
Thank you for your work on Hanakaku - The last girl standing! It was good!
Where are chapters 1-15 of Nobunaga Kyousoukyoku???
Hello! This message is for those who want to be a part of Timeless team ^^

Timeless scans opens for all positions!
Translators, Proofreaders, Cleaners, Redrawers, and Typesetters.

For recruitment inquiries, you can DM Eeliejun (Leader). Just chat with him, let him know what position you want to apply for, do the test, and have fun! ?

Pssst- Don't forget to fill in the form as well:
(Minimum age: 16)
Past Experience:
Genre(s) You Would Like to Work With:
Additional Info: (Optional~write things that you believe will help you get recruited)

If you want to know which position do what, you can easily ask me in DM xD (or discord, fianrt#8058)

Please remember that this is a volunteer work and we receive $0.0000, lots of love, and virtual cookies in return ^^ We are waiting for you! Ganba! โ™ก
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Thank you so much ???
Keep the good work with Hanakaku - The Last Girl Standing