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Timeless Scans started in August 2015 as a two-man group. Currently, we are a really close, and chatty, team of over 30 people, and growing. We love to talk to our readers, so you can always hit us up on our public Discord and chat with us, which is over 1000 people and counting. There is almost always a team member available and online in our public discord so if you have any questions about any of our releases, or just general questions, you can get an answer pretty much right away. You can also suggest future projects you’d like to see us take on. We are a nice, close-knit group, with five friendly mods who are available to ensure that the chat is always welcoming and friendly, so don’t be shy and come on by!

We hope to see you soon in our Discord and as always we hope you'll keep supporting and reading our future releases!

If you want to help out or donate it can be done through our site. Have a nice day!

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