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    @tdx Do you guys have a discord or a new website? Would be cool to hang out with other Daiya people
    remove site link and my comment after it's done the website is dead
    @kali 348-365 have yet to be scanlated, so there's still a gap on the site, but it's smaller than what it currently looks like on MangaDex because chapters from 366 to 401 exist, they just aren't uploaded here.
    @vkj3 by specifying those chapters (which I know exist), are you implying that 347-365 also exist in scanlated form? That's a gap in my downloads.

    EDIT: I originally also came here to ask if there was a replacement for the wordpress somewhere. If TDK uploads their own stuff here I guess they would change the link if they'd made another website, though....
    Hey! I saw that The sites gone ๐Ÿ˜ฐ๐Ÿ˜ฐ
    Are y’all okay?
    Hello, can you upload the missing Diamond no Ace chapters (366-401) on this site? Thank you!
    Hi! i can't seem to access your website for a few weeks now. May I know if you've moved to another site or are you going to upload only on mangadex from now on?

    Hope you can reply. Thank you :)