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This group was originally named Aisheteru Scans and the purpose of this group was to scanlate Tagalog manga. The original owners were three friends who attended the same high school: Sally, Marie, and Eva. Eva spoke spanish, Sally spoke Chinese, and Marie spoke Tagalog. There was already a group named Aishiteru Scans, so we became Aisheteru Scans instead. Eventually as years go by, Eva and Marie left to pursue their life goals and Sally stayed. Sally took over the group as NibbPower.

January 3, 2019
I decided to revive the group which a focus on one project and hopefully revive the other dead re-translation projects.

Currently hiring:
- B&W Redrawers
- Typesetter
- Tagalog Translator
- Spanish Translator

Project List

Tagalog Team
Anata e no Crescendo
A Bias Girl
Tokyo Ghoul

Spanish Team

English Team
The Legend of Ancient Soul - Biweekly Release
Fun Log - Daily Release
Sensual Heart - Daily Release
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