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    Rebranded into Happy Tea Scans

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    Versatile Mage <3
    Hey is this group going to change the name of this or start a new group page here?
    @Kalec they have apparently rebranded themselves as of today they are called Happy Tea Scans
    Group pretty much dead, no releases in over 2 month, homepage dead. Shame what happened to the group because of Dru
    Is trash disband ? All translation stopped . If so, please drop all manga to let other pick up .
    I miss you, ...
    Still death site... :-(
    Is the site dead? all I get is Error 522 when I try to visit.
    Trash Scanlation - Translation Depository:!wJ0XnCjJ!JCA1xzzKyrPlnu2JIPXfww
    Announcement : (In Discord) 19-20 oct 2018
    - Dru Shall Abdicate From His Throne, which left Their Capitalism Structure Became States Structure(No more Single Leader. and Remaining Members divided into team leaders). *done
    - He had turned ownership of both servers, account, payment over and is collecting all of the other managements to each team leaders.*done
    - All Patrons, Funders, Donator Need stop funding until further notice (Please, __pull your funding until their figure things out.)
    - Trash Website shall be remade over. (From now trash scans website always freeze, overloaded, and missing page)
    - Trash scans structure and management will be frozen over until all the problem sorting out(including until their can manages buid up their lost trust)
    - No Picking Up New Series in future, and Current series won't be dropped.
    - Future Priorities: They shall speeding up Current series until cathed to the latest raw
    - Unanswered Questions (regarding Discord: #question) Shall be answered by Dru himself in the near few days
    - No Worries, TrashScans is Still alive

    Annoncement : (In Discord) 22 Oct 2018 *new
    - Reconstructure Almost Done,Lets Have a New Start
    - Volcanic Age Return to Meraki
    - Peerless Dad Return to Meraki
    - Need More Staff Member too speeding Up Series(espescially translator)

    @aqtums, Just Read Point 4
    @NoGroup , Regarding Paywall Just Read Point 8
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    I want to read it on but that website always freeze when loaded...
    Unlike other scanlation website...
    May be it was bug ?
    Just fix it please

    Paywall issue brought up by /u/Professional_Bad comment permalink:
    Any chance this is possible?
    Any chance to translate this??
    Lang Hu library chapter 3 is only half the chapter. In the raws, you can see that the chapter is a lot longer
    Stellar Transformations ?????

    FEAR St. Elmo's Fire ?
    more soul land 3 please
    Yeah I am also having issues getting to their site as well
    Avatar uses an unsupported protocol.
    Wish it would post a notification at least when there is a delayed chapter in the follows
    Avatar is slow and it is not loading well
    @trashscanlation huehuehuehue why not changeyour tag to Dru then wkwk
    ? I mostly lurk @Wolvenworks
    wonder if Dru's around here...
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    Great work TrashScans, I enjoy and follow almost all of your releases.

    A series request - please consider picking up 'The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire' ( It is quite an original take on the typical fantasy manhua and well worth reading. It appears to sadly have been dropped by the group translating it previously - I and many others would be very grateful if you could pick this up!

    Many thanks for your efforts.