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    We reenabled group delay due to certain individuals actions. We rely on people using our site to fund our group needs. Until now we kept delays limited to 1hr or less but as its affecting our main site we increased the delay to 1 day.

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    Avatar plasma1492 19 days ago
    Stellar Transformations ?????

    FEAR St. Elmo's Fire 😎
    Avatar plasma1492 21 days ago
    more soul land 3 please
    Avatar Shabadoobie 22 days ago
    Yeah I am also having issues getting to their site as well
    Avatar plasma1492 22 days ago uses an unsupported protocol.
    Avatar jalil29 1 mo ago
    Wish it would post a notification at least when there is a delayed chapter in the follows
    Avatar donclad 1 mo ago is slow and it is not loading well
    Avatar Wolvenworks 2 mo ago
    @trashscanlation huehuehuehue why not changeyour tag to Dru then wkwk
    Avatar trashscanlations 2 mo ago
    😊 I mostly lurk @Wolvenworks
    Avatar Wolvenworks 2 mo ago
    wonder if Dru's around here...

    Last edited 2 mo ago by MangaDex.

    Avatar elbs 3 mo ago
    Great work TrashScans, I enjoy and follow almost all of your releases.

    A series request - please consider picking up 'The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire' ( It is quite an original take on the typical fantasy manhua and well worth reading. It appears to sadly have been dropped by the group translating it previously - I and many others would be very grateful if you could pick this up!

    Many thanks for your efforts.