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    Were a modern 2018 Scanlation group. Who focuses on
    Chinese & Korean series instead of just the typical Japanese manga.
    We have in fact the largest scanlation discord which we use to keep close ties with our readers. If you want to become a full member of the group please join our discord.
    We use crowdfunding in the form of patreon.To help fund our group together. A minimum donation of $2-$5 dollars a month helps us fund our dreams.

    Thank You, And hope to see you soon on Discord.
    -Dru(Leader/Reader @ Trash Scanlations)

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    elbs 1 month ago
    Great work TrashScans, I enjoy and follow almost all of your releases.

    A series request - please consider picking up 'The Magic Chef of Ice and Fire' ( It is quite an original take on the typical fantasy manhua and well worth reading. It appears to sadly have been dropped by the group translating it previously - I and many others would be very grateful if you could pick this up!

    Many thanks for your efforts.