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Hello, we're Lumine Scans!

We're a new scanlation group welcoming any genre from shoujo, to isekai, to BL~

Our Projects:
Tiempo (Sports)
Cloudburst (BL) collab with BL DOT CUM
Hazure Potion (Isekai)
Suzune to Hidarite (Slice of Life)
Otome Game no Mob desura naindaga (Isekai) collab with Flightless Bird Scans
Untouchable (BL) collab with Simp It Scans
Secretary & Young Master (BL)
Honey Bee & Lemon Balm (BL) collab with shaved ice

We're looking for:
✰ Japanese Translator (OPEN)
✰ Redrawer (URGENT)
✰ Experienced Quality Checker (URGENT)
✰ BL Typesetter (OPEN)
✰ Chinese/Korean Translator (OPEN)
✰ Non-BL Typesetter (OPEN)
✰ Raw Provider (CLOSED)
✰ Cleaner (OPEN)
✰ Experienced Proofreader (URGENT)
we accept freelancers~

come join our server!
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