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The BEAUTIFUL MAJESTIC BABY "Yuizaki" is actually the leader of Le Mafia. They just too forgot to make their mangadex account earlier 👀 So now they are a ninja in hiding hehe.
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Flowers in both hands? Or perhaps enemies on every side?

Just turned twenty, with a life that is not lacking, the only goal left to be achieved is an intense romantic relationship!
However, there's always something that doesn't quite click with every man that comes in contact with. What could the reason behind this possibly be?

"Isn't it about time we break up?"

A sweet yet half-hearted lover,

"Meet with only me."

and a bit sour but passionate new man.

Will the day where NanHo's rough love life be able to shine come?
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Let’s go, babe.”
“Excuse me??? I was just making my way through!!

SiHyuk, who was able to get a studio with good conditions, suffers from insomnia due to frequent lover’s quarrel between the couple next door.

Then one day, he runs into the couple who happened to be having a dispute out in the hallway.

SiHyuk gets involved with one of the two, JaeHee, and ends up becoming his pretend lover.

With JaeHee’s ex, SoWool, being obsessive with JaeHee and acting like a stalker, what kind of fate awaits for SiHyuk and JaeHee who got into a pretentious relationship to shake SoWool off...?
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Nam Joo Won is a high school teacher with a phobia of students. On the first day of classes, Joo Won runs to the faculty bathroom to find shelter from his students but encounters the class delinquent, Lee Tae Gyum. Why won't this kid leave him alone?
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From the moment of his birth until now, Han Sang Yul's life is not without lying. He was not the youngest son of Jodong medicine, but the chairman Han purposely took it from an Omega. Known as an Omega with a weak body but can only live as a subject of drug experiments, a drug so the body can react like other Omega.

And Han Sang Yul - who was supposed to be kicked out of the house because of the value of taking advantage - since after meeting Prince Lee Reok by chance, normal life has gradually become more nervous and more hopeful. However, because he accidentally concealed his identity with Lee Reok right from the first meeting, he felt extremely guilty and embarrassed. During the time when Han Sang Yul was hesitant in confessing, things were getting bigger and bigger...
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There's something between the two that nobody knows.
As if Jihoon has to rely on Seonjae for survival, Jihoon always follows whatever he says. Feeling pitiful towards Jihoon's situation, KiWoong attempts to save him within the shadows of Seonjae... Will Jihoon be able to be freed of Seonjae's obsession?
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"The things that my brother had, always seemed tempting to me.”

SangYeon, a supposedly friend of Hoseok, suddenly appears at his funeral.
Upon interacting with his younger brother, Hoil, whom he shares moment of sadness with, Hoil gradually starts to develop feelings for him.