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    OiGimmeMoreManga 2 months ago
    I need more Re:Monster
    ZombiesAreNotOkay 2 months ago
    Thank you for scanlating all these series. Btw, is Kaifuku Jutsushi no Yarinaoshi dropped or nah??
    LunarianLight 2 months ago
    Awesome group. Thanks for all your hard work.
    EclipseKing 2 months ago
    The amount of engrish in these translations is astounding
    juhame 2 months ago
    Number one group now, so if you all want more chapters out then free to join Patreon ☺️
    seekermoc 3 months ago
    I truly appreciate all the work they do to bring isekai manga to us fans. However, the translation quality is really hit or miss depending on the manga, and they REALLY need a good proofreader. Still, it's better than letting manga go untranslated, and they put out more chapters each week than most other groups, so I can't help but like them.
    Tamachan 3 months ago
    I really like how accurate your translations are

    Last edited 3 months ago.

    Lynia 3 months ago
    I love your cleans ! I don't like the original manga texture so your undiscriminated denoising is really appreciated <3, who cares about detail loss when you can have such smooth pages !
    K-man 3 months ago
    I bet they don't even know the meaning of the word 'proofreading'.

    Also, how's that scanlation business going of yours? I bet that Duke guy is sucking your dick real hard to get a piece of that delicious donation money.

    Last edited 3 months ago.

    Ansh 3 months ago
    Where's the proofreading?
    elbs 3 months ago
    Please translate Maou no Hajimekata!

    You have the raws already on your website, if you could translate also, you would make a lot of people would be very happy!
    raydon14ify 3 months ago
    You guys are awesome!
    Karin 3 months ago
    thank you for the uploads and the great work^^
    GodricKharg 3 months ago
    I love many of your projects, however you NEED to do a better job of typesetting and QCing the work. It’s really not that hard for hyphenation to be in a suitable spot.
    If yo-
    u know wha-
    t I mea-
    n onii-sa-

    Last edited 3 months ago.

    Kryon_PL 4 months ago
    For now it's been one of my favorite scanlation. There are so many good projects that they have been picked. :)
    Izanagi49 4 months ago
    they changed their website tohttp://lhtranslation.net
    ugeez 5 months ago
    one of the best scanlation group out there. so many good projects and always on time release. keep up the good work
    EroGin 5 months ago
    A good isekai manga scanlation group, hope to see you guys here