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Positions still open for recruitment, please lend us a hand! Our work is 90% *coughs 99%* BL but as of now we're not working on any other genre aside from Yaoi/Shounen Ai.

- Cleaner/Redrawer (urgent)
- Dick Redrawer (urgent)
- Experienced Typesetter (urgent)

If you're interested, please join our server and ask for a test.

For retranslation, join our server~

Approved retranslations:
- Chasing Mr. Ceo (spanish, indonesian, vietnamese, portuguese)
- It's Not Like That (indonesian, spanish)
- Dream-like Lie (spanish, indonesian - CH2 onwards) *
- One Step From Hell (spanish, indonesian)
- Checkmate (spanish, indonesian)
- The Tiger Who Swallowed The Moon (spanish, indonesian)
* (pls dm RedNGreen for retl of Dream-like Lie CH1)

**NOTE: We are a non-profit group, we are doing this as a hobby. None of us are getting paid.**