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Somos un scanlation nuevo, traducimos mangas al español, estamos abiertos a las criticas constructivas, estamos reclutando, mas informacion al discord
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It's a romcom with a vampire.

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Fushimi Hina is the most universally recognized S-class beauty in the school. She is a childhood friend of Ryo, but they hardly spoke to each other from junior high school, but one thing leads them to talk to each other again.
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I'll die if you touch me!
A romantic comedy about an ultra-sensitive assassin, who happens to be a schoolgirl!

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Zhào Shì meets Luó Lìlì, a devlilish girl at his university entrance ceremony. Luó Lìlì is a Bilibili livestreamer. Zhào Shì now has to deal with his senior who teases him with broadcasts everyday.
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Hinoharu Kota gets stronger each time he gets summoned to another world as a summoned beast. A troubled middle-aged office worker was summoned as a summon beast to another world. Although he is a man without any special characteristics, he continues to be a summoned beast for a female knight. A different world love adventure fantasy that depicts a hero who obtains a new skill every time he is summoned between the two worlds that he exists in.

Please change description to actual description, I tried to make it sound better than the other with poor grammar.
- Jai

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    The prince saved the cursed princess! Will the prince and princess continue like this to the happy ending?! Searching for a calm love and fate, the prince-awaiting princess Lemon's story unfolds! At least it's supposed to...
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    A man finds housework consuming his spare time, but cannot afford to buy an android, so he goes to an Android Rental Agency to rent one to handle his chores for him. But all is not as it seems.