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“What kind of hunter works without management these days?" 20 years after the first appearance of monsters, hunters need managers these days.
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Li Haifeng, a teenager, accidentally broke into the mysterious tomb when he was eight years old. The yin and yang awakened the soul of Xuanyuan Luoxue, the owner of the tomb, and was possessed by Xuanyuan Luoxue. Li Haifeng was later accepted as a disciple. Ten years later…..
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He was a part of the top 10 players in the beta test for "Sword Dance Online", but when he was put into a vegetative state after the car accident, he became a monster in the game. After endless amounts of time spent getting stronger, he soon struck terror to the noobs of the server and encountered affectionate situations with countless women.
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The early days of the virtual reality game, Arena.

Meleegod was the strongest ranked player! He deleted his character and suddenly left. In order to restore his bankrupt family, he returned to Arena!

“Do you want to create a character?”

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Shen Hai, an orphan who runs a mobile phone shop in the old street of Lushan City, accidentally discovered the whereabouts of the criminal organization that killed his father. As the investigation deepened, he found that there was a deeper mystery waiting for him...
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The legendary key of the four kings reappears in the world, and all forces in the alien world are ready to move. Dai Xiaolou, a young girl, accidentally gets involved in the conspiracy of ...
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Wearing the blood of the sky, holding a blood-drinking mad sword, chasing the traces of his father, advancing with the body of waste wood. Comprehend the Three Thousand Avenues and start the road to the king of nine days step by step!
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With the click of a button, medical skills flooded to me! The school flower needs help? Bring her in! Little loli is sick? Let uncle look! Boss Wang has advanced cancer? Sorry, go to the registration line, there is no time tonight, since Sister Chang'e ha...