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Blueberry is a metaphoric name for our new beginning. This fruit is known to be both sweet and sour depending on its ripeness and origin. Life can also be both sweet and sour. But just because the fruit is sour, doesn’t mean it can’t be used to make deliciously sweet things, right? Like in life as well, the hard times are there to teach us a lesson and to help us grow physically and mentally stronger.
Ongoing projects:

Discord?: Not yet (:
If you want to join us or ask me something my ID is ShimizuShigeno#3127

We don't have a schedule, so thank you for your patience โค๏ธ

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Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa I really liked the latest chapter.
Thank you always
The manga Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa is so good I hope you guys continue translating it! Thank you for your hardwork!
Koi wo Shiranai Bokutachi wa latest chapters were great
thanks for all your work
Thanks for supporting usโค๏ธ
แ‚แŽงแ‡ แ‡แŽงแฆแ‹ แŽฅแ• แ–แ‚แ‹ แŽดแ‹แ•แˆแ’แŽฅแŽฎแ–แŽฅแŽงแ แ‡แ’แŽฅแ–แ‹แ’, แแŽฅแฆแ‹ แŽฅ'แ‰แ‹ แแ‹แ‰แ‹แ’ แ–แ‚แŽงแฌแŽถแ‚แ– แŽงแŽฆ แแŽงแŽงแฆแŽฅแแŽถ แ—แ– แแŽฅแŽฆแ‹ แ–แ‚แ—แ– แ‡แ—แŽฉ๐Ÿคฏ
thank you for your hard work, i love the series!
fantastic work, blueberry team! I love the stories you picked up, really really great!
blueberry has a Tumblr for their release
Loving all y’all’s series so far! Wish there was a discord, as it’s easier to keep track of, but that’s just oh well. Thank you for your hard work!

Also, if you’re ever in need for a proofreader, I’d love to help.
Much love to your future endeavours!