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    PS: Due to certain circumstances, I am currently unable to continue working on my projects for perhaps a long time (albeit I might return sometime in the future). All of my projects are now up for adoption, sniping, and pretty much whatever else you want to do with them.

    We at B-minus Scans dedicate ourselves to perform at sub-optimal capacity that is neither horrible nor great, striking at just the right balance as to triger the pet peeves of our readers.

    Mostly a solo group, but gets some very much appreciated help from time to time.

    Feel free to buy me a digital coffee if you like my projects and want to pitch in some towards buying more raws:

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    Still hoping for more of Usagi-moku Shachiku-ka! Thanks for your hard work, I hope you get to rest unlike those poor rabbits...
    Yo u still working on Eizouken?
    If not can I snatch
    If someone gave me the raws, sure. What's weird is that it runs (ran?) on Mephisto, a short story (literature) anthology mag, and I don't really feel like buying something I know I won't read.
    Last edited 3 mo ago by PowerNine.
    Thanks for Melancholia, any chance of you guys picking up Douman's Suicide Parabellum?
    I will,
    please continue to update tengoku daimakyou and wakusei closet! great series!
    Much appreciate your work on Melancholia.
    Yotsukoto's second volume hasn't come out yet, and the one magazine issue right after the first volume ends has no digital version, so I can't continue yet. Volume 2's coming around Feb 13 or something, though, so it's not too long a wait from now.
    The group has amazing taste. Btw what happened to yotsukoto?
    The ones that are translated are up until 31 or 32(?). The last translator went silent for quite some time inbetween releasing the last two chapters. The last time I looked up the manga was up to Ch. 35, and that was months ago. Anyway, thanks so much for picking up one of Douman's releases!
    For some reason I thought it's been completely scanlated, huh. I guess I'll give it a thought once I've caught up with the magazine releases of Melancholia.
    Thank you for translating Melancholia! Been waiting for months until someone finally picked it up. Also, is there any chance of you guys picking up Douman's Oddman 11?
    Really thankful for your work guys, you have a great taste. Glad I read Hobgoblin and Daimakyou, it's charming in its own way.
    Now I'll read your other releasa
    Y'all will always be A+ scans in my heart. I love everything you've translated, especially the panpanya and tsubana.
    You're welcome, glad you enjoyed them!
    Thanks very much for Samenai Machi, Wakusei Closet and Kani ni Sasowarete! I enjoyed them a lot.
    quality project pickups