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Our MC finds out that his school requires him to join a club and during his reluctant search he stumbles upon an upperclasswoman attempting magic tricks in her clubroom. But Senpai has massive stage fright however and so now that she has an audience her attempts are simply comedic and usually result with her in sexual situations.
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Futaba Igarashi is a diminutive office lady who finds that her towering and boisterous work senpai Harumi Takeda always gets in her hair, but he always has her back, he always keeps her company, and she starts noticing that her heart is slowly veering towards him...

1st place of Tsugi Manga Awards, Category Webmanga (2018)
8th place of Web Manga Sousenkyo (2018)

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    About Kousuke, an athletic and good-natured 15 year old boy with an appropriately healthy interest in girls, and Kanon, a girl who is bad at talking to boys due to immersing herself too much in books but wants to try falling in love.

    Trata de Kousuke, un chico atlético y bondadoso de 15 años con un interés por las chicas y Kanon, una chica que es mala para hablar con los chicos debido a que se sumerge demasiado en los libros, pero quiere intentar enamorarse.

    Portuguese / Português:
    Kousuke, um garoto de 15 anos atlético e bem-humorado com um interesse adequadamente saudável por garotas, e Kanon, uma garota que é ruim em conversar com garotos devido a imergir demais em livros, mas quer tentar se apaixonar.
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    Civilization is dead, but Chito and Yuuri are still alive. So they hop aboard their beloved Kettenkrad motorbike and aimlessly wander the ruins of the world they once knew. Day after hopeless day, they look for their next meal and fuel for their ride. But as long as the two are together, even an existence as bleak as theirs has a ray or two of sunshine in it, whether they're sucking down their fill of soup or hunting for machine parts to tinker with. For two girls in a world full of nothing, the experiences and feelings the two share give them something to live for...

    Shōjo Shūmatsu Ryokō won the Japanese Seiun (Nebula) Award for best Comic/Manga in 2019.
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    Shy and introverted, Kageko Tadokoro passes her free time in class drawing instead of hanging out with her classmates. But even when her classmates approach her, it’s only to make fun of her drawings and appearance. In stark contrast, Nikaido is well-liked among her peers as she has both beauty and smarts. And while everyone makes fun of Tadokoro, Sakurako Nikaido on the other hand, is totally infatuated with her. Just one look at one of Tadokoro’s drawings and Nikaido fell in love with the art and eventually, the artist herself. When Tadokoro offers to draw Nikaido a portrait, Nikaido becomes ecstatic as this may be her chance to get closer with the girl she has been obsessing over.

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