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Kinda new group...

P.m. me if you find any neat looking manga/ manhua/ manhwa that you want us to translate, we'll look into it n decide

We're hiring paid JP TLs, join our discord for more info

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Huge thanks to all of our patrons!! We're using our funds to pay translators and also buy raws

I know we have not been uploading for some time but we aren't dead ... a lot of us are busy, our leader @javin141 the one that really held the group together (our main TL) will be away cause of a family loss, covid has taken toll on all of us including me. But we are not dead just in need of TL so we can really push these releases again. so no we aren't dropping them just in hold if a group wants pick up a manga we might consider but a collab would be better cause these manga are our work as well. hope everyone stay safe and thanks for being our loyal fans!!

- Weebdestroyer

we have found some outside help and have started to work again specifically
How NOT to Summon a Demon Lord
Different World Slow Life Begun at the Smithy

- Weebdestroyer