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A small group focusing on short atypical josei, seinen, and shoujo.

Check our website for project statuses, updated every Sunday.

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Thank you so much for all you're hard work! And i was wondering have you guys read Otoko no Ko ni wa Himitsu ga a by KAORUHARA Yoshie, it's a oneshot collection. Only three chapters have been translated but I really loved the atmosphere & stories in them. Unfortunately the scan group that was translating it aren't active anymore so i wanted to suggest this manga
Thanks for being a great scanlation team. You always pick interesting josei series to translate.
can you guys pick this up?only 2 volumes:
I really love the manga that you guys pick up, thanks a ton for sharing!
Ohh hi I just want to say that ive read few of the manga's you guys worked onto and I fucking loved all of them.

Keep up the good work and god bless
Hello! I just came on by to say thank you! All these unique titles have been a wonderful read and I'm very grateful that you guys are able to share it! You guys are definitely my favorite scan group!
Thanks so much for translating Ame to Hare no Kaze no Tabi! It's such a fun series that I'm glad I'm getting to read it!
thank you so much for translating these unique works!!
Thank you for picking Yami no Moribito.
@Kalendel Oh, I understand. Thanks for replying anyway. :)

Glad you liked Latakia :)

The one you suggested is too silly for me. I mostly don't do comedies, to be honest.
Thank you very much for translating Ratakia no majo, it was a really interesting read! Also, if possible, please consider translation this too.
Your group is indeed a lovely strange dark thing. It's always great reading stuff that's obscure and good at the same time. Keep up the great job.
@DJAlex I don't actually have their files, no. Best thing to do is ask the group directly for their files and upload here (toss them to me and I can mirror on my blog). Someone at the group should have the original releases~
Great to see you here too. Do you plan to upload Gunjou Gakusha's FwPA chapters to complete the story ?
People,your stuff it's really good.