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hello! 💙💜
thank you for visiting our page first of all~! it means the world to us! so thank you!
we will do our best to provide quality scans of manhwas, and mangas (although since we're new, we will focus on manhwas until we find staff for mangas) for any and all genres!
please join our discord!!: sMhQHmK

extra notes:
- once a series is licensed in english, we will drop it immediately.
- we don't have an update schedule so please don't rush us. we're sorry if we're a bit slow but we promise we're doing our best!
- that being said, we won't drop a series unless it's been licensed.
- re-translation requests sent to any of our members on mangadex will be ignored! please send them to our headless honchos at our discord! (which you can access by clicking the discord icon in our links area!)