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~Bienvenidos~ Espero que les gusten los trabajos que se realizan con mucho cariño para ustedes, por los manga/manhua /manhwa.

Por favor apoya al/los mangaka/s comprando su obra una vez que los mangas que sigues se licencien en tu país. Este es un sitio sin fines de lucro, de fans para fans, por lo que si se licencia algún manga en Argentina, apoyaremos al autor cancelando su distribución.

De Fans Para Fans Sin Fines De Lucro
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Lin Yin and Xing Yu are childhood playmates who promised to be together forever under the starry sky, however their innocent wishes were temporarily frozen by reality. Many years later, Lin Yin transferred to Xing Yu's school and on her first day she unexpectedly became wrapped up in a situation that left her at a loss for words. Amidst this chaos, Lin Yin meets up with Xing Yu again... But the embarrassment of not knowing each other makes Lin Yin hesitate to approach him. Can these two small planets reconnect in a new and exciting world?
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One day, Kim Yeondoo, an ordinary high school girl, is suddenly terrorized by her former friend from middle school and stalker in KakaoTalk. In order to stop this, she changes her profile picture to a picture of a random guy and posts him as her boyfriend. But, it turns out that the picture she used is the school's scariest bully, Ji Hyunho?!

As it turns out, the bullies are the tsundere, Ji Hyunho, the smart and cool class president, Seo Juho, and the young man living upstairs of her home, Kang Ahun. Not only that, there's also the My Way baseball boy, Choi Seunghyun, and the pure and lively, Jung Jisung.

How did she end up getting entangled with the handsome bullies?

First place in Apple Store charts in Korea in the debut of the game,

First place ranking in Google Play market,

Along with the achievement of a total of about 2 million downloads,

I really wanted to live as an ordinary female student. Until I met those bastards!!! I became involved with the bullies because of a wrong choice in that one moment!